"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010


The sky in the picture just reminds me of life, of my life. Rich with texture, clouded in mystery and surrounded by darkness that is penetrated with light. I know that many people feel a sence of anxiety now a days. We are surrounded on all sides by fearful media and the internet can be an onslaught of misinformation. Young people are vulnerable to the hateful messages online. I feel so bad for them because they don't have the experience to know that light is forever stronger than darkness. I wish each young person could see the beauty of who they are and the possibility of a fulfilling life. It is with spirit eyes that we see past the dark clouds into the light. And unfortunately our society is becoming a society of eyes wide shut. I have wondered what the fascination is with haters, people bent on spreading negativity. Why so much attention is given to them. Perhaps it has just become a familiar spirit to us, a morbid past time. Maybe it takes too much effort to concentrate on the light. But our young people need some lightness, some laughter, hugs, affirmations, some unconditional love. They are living in a world most of us older folks didn't have to live in, shattered homes and shattered dreams. They need and we need to know that prayer, faith, hope, love can repair shattered dreams. Light will always conquer darkness!

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  1. Well written Peggy. We just finished some concerts here called Fred & Shanti (Fred=Peace & Shanti=Peace) lots of good music and good messages. Among the people attended was Sumitra Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi`s granddaughter)
    Full houses and people enjoyed it very much.
    But what do we find on the front page on the news/television; murder, rape, theft, politicians fighting, disaster etc etc.

    I really think media could do something really great for humanity if they changed their focus from all this to all the good stuff happening. We challenged our local newspaper to be the first in Norway to focus on such.

    What happens, well time will show, and in the meantime all people around the world working for peace, understanding, hope and love will continue their work, because when focus are changed to such matters, that is what become important even though this don`t "sell" as good as bad news. The wheel of change turn slowly, but it is turning :)