"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Friday, December 31, 2010

New days

I love stepping into a new adventure. It is like putting on a new pair of shoes or holding a newborn grandson in your arms. New is good. Old ways are good ways too... but this blog is about NEW! I have so much to look forward to in 2011. Three new music productions for Circle Studios records and JTH and finally...drum roll please.........................................My new book.
I am publicly making this pronouncement as a subtle kick in my own @#%
This is why resolutions are so Good. But please don't make yours about losing weight or exercising that is such an old resolution. Try something new, something fun...something daring and dangerous that puts you out of your comfort zone! Get ready and at the stroke of midnight (if you are awake) or first thing in the morning when you awake, have a dream with your cup of coffee. New friends, new food, new adventure, new shoes, new dreams, new hopes, new convictions...... Go for it!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I watched a program last night about memory. People who can remember every day of their lives. Wow, incredible. I quite honestly cannot remember waking up this morning and drinking coffee. Half the time I do not know what day it is and certainly cannot remember back as far as last week. Perhaps my memory has been stunted... too much of the 60s floating around in there. But I am certainly happy that these wonder-people are coming out of the wood work. Scientists will probe and prod until they can figure out some way to make some money off of this, I am sure. I am just amazed at the wonder of it, the same as I am amazed at the wonder of this flower. My amazement center is in working on all its cylinders, even if I don't remember it once it is passed. I am purely content in the moment of amazement. There seems to be plenty of beauty and mystical magic in each day... that if I forget, more will reveal themselves the next moment. We are all so wonderfully created, some with perfect memory, some with perfect forgetfulness. I truly love diversity and am so happy that we are not too similar, it makes for many magic moments, it makes for a field of wildflowers and a perfectly sculptured garden. Beauty surrounds us, in the sunshine and in the snowfall. Beauty is revealed in the simple forest creek and the mighty ocean. We have absolutely no shortage of beauty, no recession on beauty, no deficit of beauty. Celebrate Beauty today!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Often when I want to be inspired I return to Ireland in my heart and mind. I taste some simple magic. I am pretty much ready for Christmas...packages sent, cookies baked, shopping done. Only thing missing for me is
inspiration. Sometimes a little snow can bring that much needed holiday feeling. But I am certainly not asking for snow. The days of family Christmas are far behind me. Now a days we are all spread apart. I won't watch the light in my grandsons eyes as they dream and wait for Santa. No mistle toe or frantic party preparations. I learned 40 some years ago to let those festive feelings go. I learned in life that things most the time don't have a way of going the direction that you want. I learned that when tears well up to let them flow and when laughter is near to let it go and hold tight to the joy it brings. I look forward to a quiet Christmas Eve with a glass of wine and a stereo filled with Bing Crosby along with my 27 foot lighted Christmas tree that sits in my front window, lonely for grandchildren. Such a glorious tree don't mean much, right Charlie Brown? But I sure am thrilled to spend the evening with my sweet husband and my angel mother. I have learned that little things aren't so little and to find the treasure in that which we have and not look for it some place else. There is a light that shines and sometimes we just need to have the eyes and the vision to see the simple magic.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


For some reason I am thinking of Billy. I just finished reading Wolf at Twilight, so my mind is taken up with my Indian family. Billy, John's spirit brother died several years ago on John's birthday Sept 25th. Billy was one of the kindest most real people I knew. What you saw you got. He had no illusion of what being Indian meant. He always treated me with delight at every occasion we were together. He had a zest for life and for his family. His dad Bill Two-Horses is a very strong Indian man and I am sure the death of his son has pained him way more than any of his war wounds. He was injured in two wars and survived a hurrific auto accident and yet the loss of this son is far more painful. Our families are what count. Our friends and our relationships are what are most important. This busy season... just forget about the hustle and bustle and hold close to those you love for those moments will soon pass. I pretty much know for sure that I will see Billy again, but what is most important to me now is his memory and the friendship and closeness we shared. His humor, his honestly and his connection to his culture is what stands out to me most...also and certainly not least his humility. Billy was able to be in the backround and was perfectly comfortable there. John and I have lost some dear family and friends these last few years and to me those who have walked on are still in my heart and very much alive. Merry Christmas Billy...Merry Christmas Nancy... Merry Christmas George...Merry Christmas
Sir Charles...Merry Christmas Father Bob......Merry Christmas to all!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


John and I are both kind of Christmas Crazy. We took down the boxes of Christmas decorations from the attic yesterday, all 10 or 12 huge boxes full. We began to decorate our 12 foot pre-lighted Christmas tree. John on a ladder and me sorting thru a lifetime of memories. It is a three day task to decorate, this is day two. The tree is up and is absolutely beautiful. Dragonflies, birds, and shiny things fill up every spot of that enormous tree and it reminds me of our lives. So full, so many memories, friends, family and such good stuff. John loves Christmas, probably because as a child it is his one fond memory. Christmas was a good day sandwiched in the middle of 364 not so good days. For me this is true also. Christmas meant mom and dad, siblings, aunts and uncles and I was only able to spend 12 years that way. So for the past 40 some years I have been trying to re create those precious moments, unsuccessfully I might add. But John and I have made our own traditions and Christmas cheer. As I sort thru my treasures I come across the little lighted tree my 12 year old daughter gave to me when my life was falling apart and I can hold her sweet gesture in my heart each year as I look at that tree. The Santa Claus with barking dog my sweet Jonathan David gave to me and the special kindergarten one he made. There is the first Christmas precious moments ornament John and I bought 17 years ago the year we were married. The many dragonflies Sue has given us and on and on. We cherish these items, like we cherish the people who gifted them to us. Most of all let me say I cherish Christmas itself. The humble gift of love. The babe who says to us all "Life is good...death is better". I do not forget amid the hustle and bustle what Christmas means to me. A life of sadness and joy is packed away in those 10 or 12 big boxes and each item I see is another reminder that God loves me and has gifted me with wonderful family and friends. The sadness, oh yes it is part of life, but Christmas is here to shine a light on the gladness. So to my many friends and loved ones - Merry Christmas and most importantly may you experience this Christmas some genuine "Peace on Earth".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

forever true

People can disapoint you. I was shocked to hear racist, bigoted comments from certain artists at the show this year. I just kind of thought artist had innate compassion and intuition. Well guess what Peggy, they don't. They are just people like me with flaws and prejudices. I grew up in a home where respect was expected. We were taught to see all races as valuable and to give highest regard to those who have been given the least respect. My dad was one of the few of his friends in the tumultuous riot ridden 60s, that would not tolerate racism. He would not stand for bigotry and he had the courage to speak out to his friends. I am cut to the core when I hear someone put down an entire race of people. I love football, but can not stomach the Washington racist team. Is there any wonder we have wars constantly, when people in our small community still hold racist ideas about Indian people. When within the walls of a simple art show, we have those who are way more interested in me then we. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. That is my prayer today and the only way to sooth my disapointed heart is to look to the one who is forever true and see the light that shines in the darkness. How about a little "Walk a mile in my moccasin before you judge me" ?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

how little we know

I am reading a wonderful book right now and it is opening my eyes to realize how little I know. Because we all know so little it is best to keep our opinions out of the way of love. I for one am so so guilty of nursing my intellectual judgements. I am working my way toward being an elder and in some cultures I would be considered one, but to arrive there I must let go. Letting go is not easy because it means facing my absolute grip on control. I am a child of the 60s, the freedom and radical thinking generation. I want to stand up for justice and take down all the oppressors of culture and human dignity. Guess what, flower child, you can't. And can't is certainly not a part of my vocabulary. Didn't can't @#%$ his pants. Oh well letting go is saying I don't know and I can't. I am learning the best way to take down oppressors is to put myself down. Love is not self righteous. Love does not claim to be the guru. Love serves. Love forgives. Love lets go. Love leaves room for error. Love is ok with not understanding. Love is sacrifice. Love is knowing very little. Love is caring. Love is not self seeking. Love is a journey. Love is listening. Love is way more than I can begin to know so I pray that I can begin to know love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was looking over some facebook pics a young friend sent to me of her and her handsome young beau and suddenly I was struck with powerful memories. I wanted to write her back and say hold tight to these moments, cherish them, guard them from adult doubt and skepticism. For a moment I remembered frolicking in the leaves and seeing the huge world and loving the possibilities. Before the death of my dear ones, the scars of divorce, the pain of knowlege and constant reminders of mortality. I remembered driving from San Diego to Michigan with two strangers from college, with carefree laughter and unmeasurable possibilities. I remember sledding down the cold snow covered hills without a chill in my bones. Sleeping until noon and staying up half the night because I couldn't leave the fun. Memories pour through my dissalutioned tears. Life is too short and life is too painful. That is the truth, but please if you are young or young at heart, just disregard those words. Soak up your moment...........live free and unguarded. Believe, hope and love as you skip thru your days. Don't let worry seep into your world for soon it will come crashing in like a hurricane. Now is your time and it will never return. So fall deeply in love, climb the highest mountain you want and stay up as many nights as you can for tomorrow comes quickly. You will stand next to the bed of the one you love as they slip away, a flight of stairs will be a breathless challenge and 10:00pm will be a late night for you. But life is sweet from start to finish if you will embrace the moments. Live and love to live!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Being on the road in Mississippi with musician/teacher John Two-Hawks and artist Joseph Chamberlain is full of great conversation. We laugh and talk, we talk about philosophy and history. We often spend time just making fun of ourselves. You would think I would be thrilled on the road, surrounded by new places, faces and experiences. Believe me I am not complaining but just sharing truth. I just like being home. I love waking up to my morning friends..coffee..birds and a crossword puzzle. My comfort zone. I remember never wanting to go to school, kindergarten was like the monster under the bed. Father Bob used to tell me I needed to get out and stay out of my comfort zone. I guess he knew me pretty well. We don't change much in this life. We are connected to our beginning no matter how long we travel the path. Our ancestors, our teachers, our fears and our familiar spirits hang around. If we had positive role models, loving parents, encouraging teachers then we are blessed. But most folks don't have such luck. Most folks have their monsters in the closet or under the bed. I for one had my share of luck or blessings but still I have to shake off that "I don't want to go out into the big scary world" and tell myself " maybe there is an ice cream cone waiting out there somewhere."
I am truly thankful for the wonderful friends and family I have. I am so thankful for my connection to them, for the beautiful earth and for miles traveled.... but mostly I am thankful for a new morning with no where to go, a hot cup of coffee, some birds outside my window and a very easy crossword puzzle to work on.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Maybe it is the time change, or perhaps the constant longer and longer lists of things to do, but today I feel kind of flat. So, I will let my wonderful memory bring back some passion. This is it, "Creek Mary's Blood" A song of truth and of great power. A heart song and a song with a universal cry for justice. And along with the memory of the music, I see, Tuomas, committed and connected to his powerful gift. I see John Two-Hawks, bringing a message of power and peace to the world. So I call up all the passion my weary heart can house this morning and am thankful for the wonderful gift of music of memory and of friendship. How is it a man from Finland can capture the essence of 'The trail of tears', when here in America it is a fleeting distant minor history lesson? Passion, that is the answer. We have become a country consumed with Economics and Politics and have lost our passion for life. We have become a people more interested in tickling emotions than solid truth. We just want it all to feel good, look good and not interfere with our "plastic ceremonies". Passion is deep and it is grown in struggle and in uncomfortable living. So maybe I need to toss my list to the wind, throw my clock out the window and dance to some "Nightwish" truth music or meditate on some Two-Hawks soul music, either way I shall get out of my comfort zone... my western medicated "me" illusion and step into the unknown and unpredictable hard cold, but alive, truth. Passion, don't leave home without it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

why I love Spiderman?

This little guy is my hero! He is honest, cute, funny, smart and the apple of my eye. This is why I love Spiderman!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

loving life

There are certain things I love about life. Morning coffee and crisp fall air. I love to watch the piliated woodpeckers come to my window feeder, hang upside down and eat to there hearts content. And I love the beautiful sound of the Cedar flute. American Indian culture and Pendleton blankets rank highly in what I love about life. I am pretty much crazy about good writing and great music. An inspired piece of art will bring me to tears. There is nothing better than a good laugh that takes your breath away. I often wonder why as a society we concentrate on the negative, the hurtful and the sadness. There certainly is plenty of that to go around. But I will ask you the same question I asked the boys I work with this week. What makes you happy? Think about these things. Did you know that in your brain the grateful center and the fear center are in the same area. So if you are feeling grateful, you cannot be feeling fearful. So, how about a big does of Thanksgiving! Let your feast this year be more than turkey and dressing, let it be a feast of spirit and love. Make a list each day and if you have a loved one in that list let them know you are thankful to them..... oh and by the way, thank you for reading my blog, you are all incredibly beautiful people. Think I will add you to my list!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Many years ago while passing thru Sedona we stopped in Flagstaff for lunch. I walked past a gallery there and my heart and soul dragged my body into a little shop. Thus, a new relationship started. Louis Buchetto entered my life there. Though we have only seen each other a few times his art lives on in my life and in my kitchen and in a number of my friends and family's homes. His message too lives on... Simplicity. My life is very complicated, I have many opinions and a huge network of family and friends. Those who know me, know I am constantly working on a new project. My taste in music ranges from Nightwish to Gordon Lightfoot with a myriad of artists in between. Visual art is the same for me, my taste runs the gamut. I have attention deficit disorder but I like to refer to it as mega vision order. I have a need to see it all. I quickly glean many wonders in nature, in art, music and philosophy, so my mind skips around a lot. My office is not tidy, not because I am lazy or disorganized but because the minute I begin to sort thru papers, one will catch my attention and I will set off in a new direction with a new quest. My thoughts are kind of 'catch me if you can'. But I am ok with me. Simplicity is always a comfort to me. A short explanation, a profound wisdom in 7 words or less, an uncomplicated theme and a straight forward relationship minus the drama. Prayer and Spirit are the same. I speak my need in faith and simply expect. All the bells and whistles just kind of confuse me.
Simplicity, what a wonderful quest for a part time collector of everything interesting. Simplicity, what a gift to a complex part-time chaos sculpture. Thank you to all you KISS advocates, (keep it simple stupid), I appreciate you!

Friday, October 29, 2010


With the Arts Eureka Fall Art Show only a few weeks away, I have had art and beauty on my mind. Several years ago, I had a dream. Seamus, Sir Charles and JTH bringing music simply for the pure purpose of creating beauty from the inside out. As most of my dreams go, I am a 'sky's the limit' girl. I found the image by Cynthia De' Robbins at the Art Show and decided this spoke of my vision of beauty. Serene, placid, lightness within darkness and looking upward to the source of beauty. Great! We worked out the art arrangement. Now the music! My three "Mystical Warriors" began to create incredible music. Since Seamus was only here for a short time from Ireland, we knew it would take awhile. We did the incredible photo shoot and planned for an awesome tour of the music. A dream was in the making. All was on track. Then suddenly the current went wild and the tide rose. My sweet Sir Charles Hammer, my friend, confidant, troubadour, trickster, master hugger got very ill and died. How can life be so cruel? I was crushed... not the first time and certainly not the last. Through it all we managed to finish our project. Not as the combined "Warriors" but with compositions from each person. It was not what I dreamed, but it was still "Beauty Music". And if life seems to be raging against you now, it may not be what you dreamed, but remember it is still beautiful. Sir Charles, you have added so much to the beauty in my life....Thank You!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We were challenged this weekend to look at our hands. I began to think about what miraculous tools God has given us. With hands music is created, babies are brought into the world and gardens are planted. With hands we are able to take love and deliver it to a needy soul. Also with hands we are able to take up a gun in war, abuse a spouse, pick up a bottle of booze. With hands we are able to take destruction into the world.
Disease is passed by hands and cured with hands. What a picture of free will and personal choice. I have used my hands to heal and to harm. As my hands grow older, they do much more healing and much less harming. That is the beauty of aging. Bring on wrinkles and age spots if it means that I will reach out with hands of understanding and forgiveness. I've never had manicured hands soft and silky. Mine have been hands in the kitchen. Burned and scared many times. Those burns are my most precious legacy. Too bad we are not born with wisdom. We have to live a life time to gain some. Hands reveal our story. From the first hand we touch to the last, life is about giving and receiving. Hands to build or to destroy, we decide.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another door, another layer

After just coming off a retreat weekend I have the feeling that I have stepped thru another door. Of course there are many behind me and many ahead of me, but today I stand in this place. At this moment of great successes and great failures of laughter and tears, I find myself alone. And although I know I am never truly alone I am embracing this feeling of autonomy. I have many choices, however they are mine alone to make. I may choose to forgive or to hold tight to my blessed resentments. I may choose to let you in or wisely keep you out. Love is not for the timid. Love is not for the selfish. Love will tear you up, it is the lions den. But without it you are not fully alive, so choose. I may even choose not to choose as I sip my morning coffee and contemplate a day of television and fructose sugar... it is up to me and I am so grateful for that!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Irish dreams again

Today, I miss Ireland. I would like to just leave all these papers on my desk, my to do lists, my disappointments and ignorant expectations and just fly away. I don't even need to pack a bag because I know a St. Vincent DePaul shop in Wicklow Town that would take care of my wardrobe needs. Perhaps I would not even leave a forwarding address, just become a part of the land a misguided three leaf clover. Since I feel like Ireland must be the closest place to heaven I could just make a hop skip and a jump and be in my forever home. But meanwhile, to have my feet on Irish soil and to look into the eyes of Irish hearts, that is my fantasy get away today. To walk away from this computer and my cell phone and to wake up to brown bread and jam with a hot cup of coffee every morning. Maybe I could even write my thoughts on a piece of paper, and talk to a friend face to face.....oh that would be glory.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had many things to do today... A huge to do list. I had to cast them all aside because there is something way more important than me or the things I think I must do. Today 33 men will be rescued, returned to there love ones. They will be truly born again. As I watched the oldest and wisest man drop to his knees, I was immediately transformed into the arms of a loving and gracious Creator God. For all the war and hatred and darkness in the world, here was piercing light! I so wished I could do something, so in thanksgiving I created 34 prayer ties to hang at the Medicine Wheel Garden. One tie for each life and one for the giver of life. I will go and hang them and pray when I am done writing this blog. I know that each of us lives in some way in that seemingly hopeless darkness, but all around us are angels we do not see and a meriad of helpers and supporters wanting to lift us into the light. We just must wait, pray, trust and humbly be lifted. Today, people all across the globe have formed a Circle of Nations Global Community, rejoicing in the miracles we are seeing in Chile. Today we are all brothers and sisters, life is as it should be, this is peace, this is faith, this is possible! Love!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

drops of dew

We are all just drops of dew before the morning sun
we are simply nurturing spirits looking for a little fun
I am not better, nor wiser or more important than you
I am simply a tiny water droplet, a refreshing drop of dew
and together we water and comfort the dry and thirsty earth
giving our gifts and dreams in hopes of loves rebirth
And as the warmth of noon day and sun gives off its sweet light
then slowly we each give up our flesh and return to the silent night
next day the others take our place and feed the new born blades
and soon the time of their lives like ours will simply fade
good by to war and hatred, good by to ego too
hello to little water drops and hope of morning dew!

Friday, October 8, 2010


When I woke up this morning I read the Circle of Nations newsletter and was very inspired by John Two-Hawks words. I began to consider the concept of strength. I've never had much muscle. I don't recall ever winning an arm wrestling match. Quite honestly I am really quite a wimp. So I began to contemplate what is true strength and in what ways am I strong. Have I faced true adversity. Maybe a little? I look at people like Nancy Cooper Maier and Jean Seifried who courageously face cancer and who bring music, art and beauty to the world in the midst of their own struggle. I look at someone like JTH who sufferered his entire childhood in an abusive and neglectful home and wakes up each day with an attitude of gratitude. And then there is me, wimpy ole me, who cries at a bee sting. I suppose my strength is my vision and my belief. My strength is my faith. And I suppose these strengths were born out of a lot of disappointment. I am thankful for those seeds of disappointment. In our lack is our true abundance. In our doubt is our true faith and in our fear is the hope of overcoming. A little flower may be a strong as a mighty oak, it just depends on what you need. We all have inner strength to give to ourselves and to a world who mistakes might and power for strength.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The sky in the picture just reminds me of life, of my life. Rich with texture, clouded in mystery and surrounded by darkness that is penetrated with light. I know that many people feel a sence of anxiety now a days. We are surrounded on all sides by fearful media and the internet can be an onslaught of misinformation. Young people are vulnerable to the hateful messages online. I feel so bad for them because they don't have the experience to know that light is forever stronger than darkness. I wish each young person could see the beauty of who they are and the possibility of a fulfilling life. It is with spirit eyes that we see past the dark clouds into the light. And unfortunately our society is becoming a society of eyes wide shut. I have wondered what the fascination is with haters, people bent on spreading negativity. Why so much attention is given to them. Perhaps it has just become a familiar spirit to us, a morbid past time. Maybe it takes too much effort to concentrate on the light. But our young people need some lightness, some laughter, hugs, affirmations, some unconditional love. They are living in a world most of us older folks didn't have to live in, shattered homes and shattered dreams. They need and we need to know that prayer, faith, hope, love can repair shattered dreams. Light will always conquer darkness!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Instant Karma

Instant Karma gonna get you!! Nothing instant about true Spirituality! It is ancient like the earth, the wind, the fire, and the water. It is slow and self effacing. Ever notice everyone is a healer and a "shaman" now a days? You can get your "Shaman's" license online for free, just click www.freeshamanslicense.com Hey that spirituality is as good for your spirit as a big mac and fries is for your body. Lesson one, if someone tells you they are a "shaman", then they are not. Lesson two, if someone tells you they are a healer, then they are not. Lesson three, if a ceremony costs $$ then it is not one. These are three simple lessons and I offer them to you free of charge. You can thank me later. True spirituality is self bought and self taught. The price is more than anyone would want to pay. It comes with sacrifice and suffering. It is paid for with tears and rejection. It is not some pie in the sky feeling like getting high. Use drugs if you want that feeling. True spirituality is born of humility and is silent and does not announce itself. True spiritual leaders live a life of love and they don't have to tell you that, because they will show you that. Follow love, follow practical wisdom, don't follow self proclaimed "shamans". Breathe and wait! It may take 7 or 70 years to have a vision. One true vision is worth 1,000 fake wanna be visions. Oh by the way "shaman" is not a word any American Indian person would use to describe a healer or medicine person (threw that one in for free). You have the eyes and ears to see and hear beauty. Follow your own path and listen to your own spirit. Instant karma not gonna get cha!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday continued

Ok today is the first day of my 5 and 1/2 decades plus 1 year and 1 day. So what have I learned!
Moms rescue
sisters punch
sisters teach
sisters care
brothers make you laugh
dads are fun
most people are nice
some people are not
cake is good
cookies are awesome
sometimes those we love leave us
truth is hard to come by, working hard has rewards, being honest feels good, forgiving is healthy, taking a moment is crucial, Christmas is magic, people will let you down, people will build you up, life is wonderful, life is tragic, gratitude cures fear, Disney World is incredible!, music is essential, art is life, rain on your face feels pure, God is love, love is good, books are food for the soul, prayer is food for the spirit, grandchildren are Gods bouquet to grandmas, children are a burden of joy, soul mates are real, no one makes a peanut butter and jelly like mom, the earth speaks, purpose comes from we not me, life is a mystery! Most important wisdom Have FUN!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME!
Wow! I woke up to the most wonderful birthday wishes. I may look like hell, swollen red nose, crusted over eyelids, pale, you get the picture (poor me) but my spirit is soaring... you know this whole thing is so little about the flesh and our wearing away bodies. Our spirits grow and grow and so does joy and purpose. it makes it a pure pleasure to grow a year older. To be an Elder is quite an honor and I embrace the awe of life! You all are the candles on my cake...xoxoxoxxoxo love ya tons!!
ok on with my blog
I have had many desserts in my life ( I should say too many)... but that is beside the point. I will save that lecture for my BE HEALTHY blog, which as you all know has yet to be written. But nothing is impossible. No today is about Rainbow Cake, which translates to living life to the fullest! Color, sweetness, friendship,sharing, celebrating. I hold these truth in my heart and translate them to the presents of a loving God!
These wonderful moments are not in any way tied to our present state of being. I for one feel like a piece of cow dung right now (physically) but in my soul and spirit I am soaring with the eagles. I will probably not enjoy a birthday cake today, however the memory of this wonderful rainbow cake will do the trick and save me a few calories at the same time..oh but that is another blog. No one can accuse me of living timid or frugile. I have spent these years saying yes to just about everything ( which is not always wise) but that is the way I roll. I make no apologies for the fact that I have stumbled plenty. I could have played it safe and stayed on my feet, but I may not have experienced all the colors of the rainbow or all the sweetness of a stolen kiss or the tears of deep understanding or the laughter that takes your breath away. It is my birthday and I don't feel like my life is slipping away I feel like I have lived and lived fully. So come what may, it is ok! How old am I? old enough to know better but young enough to not care!

Friday, September 17, 2010


When I was a little girl, I really believed that when I would blow the wings off the dandelion that each wing would carry my prayers. As an adult...I still believe that. Each wing is a prayer to God to intervene in the life of those who need love and encouragement and especially hope.
Every week I get the honor of working with 20 young hurting souls. I get to make them cookies and try to make them laugh. I know that their needs are way bigger than what I can give. So I keep these little wings in my heart and blow them up to the Creator and ask for mighty help and mighty love that can give these boys what they have never gotten in their homes or in their families or in their community. There is a world of hurt out there in need of a lot of prayer and a lot of sacrifice and a whole lot of love. I have been blessed with loving parents and a whole community of support. I have been blessed to be taught from childhood that someone out there beyond this small finite world really cares and that I can send a small childs prayer or a big adult burden and expect that help is on its way. If we can tune into love instead of political correctness and religious separation I think we could actually make a difference in this world. After all there are plenty of angels wings just waiting to lift our prayers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

early mourn

ok what do you write about at 4:30 in the morning after spending the last two hours trying to go back to sleep? My mind is moving from sparklers to fire crackers. No sense trying to understand it. It has to do with PMS or OCD or pre or post or hot flast right now! Now my dear friends don't worry about me. I have several hours of sleep saved up in my sleep bank, and I never am much of a saver. I am a spender and I spend it all. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Always my motto. I learned this unfortunately from too many experiences with death. And so here I am at my subject. This beautiful pic is one of the last taken by Father Bob. Just a day or two before he passed over to his heavenly home. Also in those last few pictures was one of me holding my sweet little grandson Jonathan Daniel. I have needed a good cry for awhile and I feel one coming. Father Bob was a bridge over troubled waters for me. He is the one who told me "go for it" time and time again. He is the one who delighted when I walked into the room. He is the one who knew how to live beyond his means because he was a dreamer and his means were beyond him. He believed in my writing and he not only said so, but bought me my first word processor and fronted me the money for my first book, which I never was able to pay back to him. He was a quiet and humble man... kind of stubborn and could be withdrawn. I miss him, although I know he is very close. He knows now that it is good to cry..... and believe me the more you love, the more you will cry. Thanks Father Bob for the laughter and the tears.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Housekeeper please!

As I pick up my messy house, I am grateful for the activity that leaves my house in disaray
Meals shared...love given...card games played..friends..grandson..family
miriads of people to love and care for
music to create, art to appreciate
House gets messy. Now I would be most grateful for a housekeeper!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Badlander

Soon we will be introducing our new bass guitar player! But I thought I would give you all my dear friends a chance to get aquainted with Adrian Adams aka the third badlander. The Badlanders are made up of three of the most incredible musicians... they are all bad to the bone! musically, however you could never meet three nicer guys. Maybe that is why the music is so transcendental because these three souls are as real and true as you can get. We now are on the fourth song and each one keeps getting better than the last. Music is my life and I enjoy nothing more than producing excellent music!
So stay tuned!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Everything in nature is telling me that my sweet wonderful summer is leaving me behind. I look at the leaves and the greeen in the pool in my backyard and I have to tell myself, no more floating this year Peggy. Boo hoo...ok I am over that. So, I must find another way to REST. I am so bad at resting but am determined to get better. Rest is a totally cool thing. My mind knows this but my compulsive self says go...go..go girl. Hurry up, there is no time like the present to do...do...do. Soooo, I am determined to slow down and rest, later! See ya, got places to go and people to see!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New rant

I feel a new rant about to surface. I have tried to hold it back with a cup of coffee and sweet roll and the beauty of the morning. But then I made my mistake I started to read the paper. The editorial page...bad medicine. Some guy complaining about trying to save wolves and bears, seem he doesn't like them. They spoil his pleasant walk in the woods. Hey dude get over it! For 40 years and especially for the last 20 Environmentalist and people with brains have been telling us to cut down on consumption and start conscious living. Now people are sweating, being flooded out and facing the furry of Mother Nature. So what is the editorial page answer? Lets build more, buy more and consume more... I mean it means more jobs! Help! No planet? More jobs? Let me think.... I prefer human beings remaining on the planet. I have an idea....how about more jobs nurturning Mother Earth...creating peace and products that are sustainable. Hey how about food that doesn't poison the earth and us. Maybe we could create jobs for construction instead of destruction. I am not Mother Theresa of the planet, I have a long way to go...but at least I realized that Drill baby drill was a bad idea 4 years ago and still know it today. Hey I hear the ice caps melting is effecting Alaska now, houses are sinking. Maybe Ms. Palins will float across her yard into Russia...if it did she would still shout drill baby drill. She just likes the sound of it and since shes heading straight to heaven I guess she doesn't care if the rest of us end up in %$#&! Hey turn off some lights today..do some recycling..praying...walking...thinking and loving. Intention and action just might save our planet!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

John and I have been married 17 years today.
It seems like yesterday when we said I do. In the middle of passion, conflict, and incredible doubt and unknowing. It was pure follow your heart ( such a dangerous option, or so we are told). With our life experiences, ages, families and personalities the skeptics would have to say our chances were not good, our marriage was doomed to fail. But we had this one thing, this one stubborn strand that bound us together, love. It seems like yesterday that we took off on our honeymoon. It seems we've never returned from that trip and it is unlikely that we ever will. So as we head into the 18th year of our honeymoon, I just wanted to say... I am the luckiest girl alive.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I really do hate pictures of me... my true friends don't hold a camera to my face. I have never liked pictures. But why. Pictures lie. They show the flesh...the finite...the superficial. Now some people know how to capture more in a picture, these people are artist. I remember the experience of riding around in the choo choo with my grandson and if pictures told the truth, my smile would be bigger than the train. My spirit would be leaping off the page, because I was having the time of my life. Perfection! I was doing the one thing I enjoy most in life, sharing a
magic moments with someone I love deeply. Never mind I hadn't combed my hair or put on makeup or lost those 50 lbs... I will lose them either before I die or when I die. One way or another they are going away. But I believe the things you don't see in this picture will live on. So I really don't like pictures of myself much... but I sure am happy to have this one because of the wonder in my grandson's eyes and the delight felt in my spirit. This is perfection Ms Lohan, Ms Hilton, Ms. Spears and all you others searching for meaning in a bottle of something. Try real love... oh and on your way eat a sandwich ( just to make me feel better). Perfection comes in little packages and I don't mean diamonds. Perfection comes in moments and those moments don't hang around long.. perfection.... don't miss it!

Monday, August 30, 2010


I noticed lately my blogs have been a little wimpy. I mean not that I don't totally espouse peace, love and hippie beads...but... I do have another side.
Does anyone notice that the Planet is going to $%&*
in a hand basket. While some of the dumbest so called leaders vie for position. And I mean Dumb with a capital D. And that stands for Dame and you figure out who I am talking about. This political moron wouldn't know global warming if it melted the makeup right off of her phony face. Not nice Peggy, not nice. Sorry, I just realize how much of a minority I am. I mean, people actually listen to this crib-sheet-on-hand, inability to speak more than two syllable words, non educated prom queen! Hello? Embarrassed by "drill baby drill" yet? Oh, by no means are these politicians alone.... hey, people buy their books and their bull. They want teachers to have accountability to prove they have what it takes. I suggest we create a test for politicians: you don't run if you are dumber than a box or rocks (sorry rocks). And the number one question before you place your vote should be: What is your plan to save Mother Earth from greedy corporate banks and greasy oil moguls? Do you have a plan? Even an awareness? Its not too late, maybe while these idiots are jockeying for position you and I can make a change. Maybe while these political talking heads spend all their time getting rich and famous, we can affect a true change. One that we do and not just talk about. More caring about the planet and our neighbors, less me, me, me and more we. Conscious living and loving on the ground floor, because I don't expect much change on the top. Maybe we can return to true values of honor and hard work and intelligence. Maybe we don't need to worry about the majority of sheep who follow loud scare tactics and religious fanaticism. Maybe we can wear away this mighty cloud of ignorance with small drops of rain. Frankly, if I never see another political commercial tearing down the other side, I won't miss it. Where is integrity? Where is leadership? It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, it is up to us, no one else...to care for Mother Earth. The time is now, the leader is you!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

spirit helpers

I am aware of a myriad of unseen helpers around us all the time. I don't really see them.... I feel them...I know them, and mostly I appreciate them. You may call them angels, you may call them guides, you may call them spirit helpers. I don't think it matters much what you call them, although wars have been fought over such semantics. I spent some time down at our Medicine Garden today. It is a powerful place for prayer and for renewal. I am grateful for the connection I feel there to the earth, to God, to all things that surround me. I realize that I am but a breath away from a world that awaits me. The world of my father, my grandparents, some of my dearest friends. It is the real world. As I pray in my own way, I touch that world and it touches me. When I walk away from that place of prayer I am grounded. You may pray in a building, a cathedral or a monastery...it matters not where you pray but that you pray. Life without this spiritual connection is foreign to me. My hope and my faith is in that unseen world. I don't need to have all the answers, I know what love is and I know what the touch of love is and in those moments of surrender I feel the most secure. I am praying for rain, it will rain and if it doesn't then I will pray for more faith. Life is not easily tied in a bow... it is full of loose ends. When I was a child we sang a song in church "God is love and he who abides in Love abides in God and God in him" The to do list for peace and faith is short and easy...Love!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Irish dreams

I just can't seem to quit dreaming about Ireland. I just can't seem to get enough Irish spirit ( and I don't mean Guinness, although actually that too)
I found myself online googling today airline prices for 2011. No offence to Walmart, mom, but how I describe Ireland is...pre Walmart...pre fast food...pre run for your life.
I was born in the 50s, I remember the local grocery store where we had a tab and the bakery next door which contributed to my abundantly happy fat cells. Small town people, small town times. Not crazy like today. We could actually go out and play for hours. We made up games and rode our bikes and didn't think of every person we met as a stranger. I had not experienced that feeling of safety in over 40 years. I felt it in Ireland. The small towns, the comforting spirit, slowness, coolness, kindness. Wow! I am so happy I was born before i-pods, cell phones and home computers. No offence to price cutting smiles, but before Walmart. I remember cherry phosphates at the drug store and free birthday meals from McDonalds. Before the progress, this easy, microwave time we live in, easy ...is getting harder every day! Don't change Ireland please, I'll be back soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday mom and I had a girls day out. We started at the car wash. This was the place for the seed of this blog. Surely many of you have had the experience of sitting in a car while it is being washed and you feel that you are moving, when in reality you are standing still...or are you? I mean you absolutely feel that you are moving. Basically it is the machine around you moving. So this got me to thinking. We all base our perception on what has happened or is happening around us. From our past, our families, our failures, successes and just general environmental happenings. We see what we have come to believe as reality. And since we all have different experiences we doubt each others realities. How about doubting our own reality. Our perception is based on trivial things. Like a bad grade we achieved in school or a teasing a mean spirited child laid upon us... or maybe not small events but dark abuse and neglect. Be aware your reality is tainted and it is certainly not fair to expect others to see things the way you do. Look inside for your perception, to the place of creative breath, to the place that is your center and to a place where peace and love reigns. Everything outside your soul and spirit is moving and changing and only truth and love is steadfast. You do not know what is real and what is just an illusion so be kind to yourself and to others. Try not to judge your neighbor until you have walked a mile in their moccasins. Life is a mystery, God is a mystery, love is a mystery. Enjoy the not knowing. Maybe your moving, maybe your not?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last summer or was it the summer before. I don't recall the day. I do recall the 45 to 60 min. Nancy, John and I stayed transfixed at the window, watching mommy raccoon with little Rocky and ReAnna Racoon. I figure Rocky was the boy, he was tumbling around falling off the rocks in to the water while, ReAnna was going after raccoon kisses. Well whatever, maybe that is too totally unpolitically correct and stereotypical...don't care. I am sure that when I think back on my life this one afternoon of friends enjoying natures playful moment will be remembered. Actually, I have no recollection of that day...just the magic of watching this raccoon family enjoy our little pond. Nancy has passed over to the other side and I miss her, so it is great to remember having this moment with her. She loved God's creatures and she had no problem taking time out to just be. She knew what was important and she showed me that, in her songs, in her poems and in her life. I wish I could be more like Nancy. Maybe I can.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I love Football. I always have. So this is about my favorite time of year right before the season starts. I've asked myself why I love football and is the love of the sport somehow passed thru the DNA? This is my grandson Dominick at the Lucas Oil Stadium. He also loves football especially the Colts and Payton Manning. I grew up as a kid watching grade school, highschool, college ( go Notre Dame) and professional ball games. I don't even really understand the game all that much, I just love to watch. I guess we all just carry our childhood with us and the best part of mine was a cool November day on the sidelines with a hot chocolate in one hand and my dads hand in the other. It is amazing as I recall this memory a tear runs down my cheek. I sure wish dad could have seen more games but he died of a heart attack when he was only 42. I guess I am rooting for him Go Bears. Hope you don't mind dad I'd like to see the Colts and the Cowboys go to the Super Bowl this year. As the world gets crazier and crazier, some things kind of stay the same. A Sunday afternoon game is one of those things. Football Forever!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

special places

John and I have done a lot of traveling...we have been to the sacred places...the cities...the opera houses and concert halls. Then there are special places like the hundreds of places we saw between sacred spaces in Ireland. These are the places that feel warm and cozy, like a soft hug. These are the places we photograph so we can remember the feeling. They do not take our breath away but give us a soothing sense of fresh air. Life is made up mostly of these. Small joys, small pains. We really wake up to the big owies and big wowies, but if we are already awake we will be aware of the myriad of special moments that fill our lives. I don't understand boredom, I don't understand depression. Not that I am not sympathetic to that disease, but I just don't get it. When there is so much to do and so much to give and so much to experience, how can anyone ever be bored? There is joy all around us and it starts by us giving joy to others (not looking for it ourselves). Once we start the circle of giving it just comes back around. It is pretty simple... feel left out? Ask yourself how much am I leaving others out? Feel unloved? Ask yourself how much am I loving others? Feel empty? Ask yourself how much am I filling others up? It seems simple to me. There is a whole world of opportunity to give and to experience the small, special moments and places outside our door, but you must get outside yourself to find them. You may think, "that's easy for you to say". No, it is not easy, it is a choice. Life is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Sharing is a choice. Life is not all that easy and it is not meant to be. You choose!

Monday, August 16, 2010


My life is a gift! A marvelous mystery! I am grateful for every moment that I have had to spend here in this beauty garden, so full of thorns and storms. I am grateful for the people who represent to me a gallery of perfect creations that I am so blessed to visit and touch and learn from. The cool morning is here in the midst of the hottest summer any one remembers. I am blessed with a wonderfully long to do list, a warm cup of coffee and possibilities that stand at my door way and wait for me to notice them. Sadness is a breath away as well as joy. They both come to nourish me like the rain and the sun. I have had plenty of both in my life and so I stand aware that even standing is a gift. Fear is my only enemy, self doubt is my own created weapon I pull against myself. Today I shall face my fear and put my weapon away and accept the mystery of this day and wait for the promise which is love!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cool thoughts

ok...I know we are all hot...so I send some cool thoughts. Snowball fights after school has been called off because of too much snow.
Penguins dancing.
Icy freeze when your throat is parched.
First fall high school football game, waiting in line for a hot chocolate to take the chill off.
Scrapping ice off car windows.
Thanksgiving at Grandmas house in Michigan.
Sledding. Snuggling up in front of a warm fire, watching big white snowflakes fall outside your window.
Sprinklers and Lake Michigan waves. Ireland in May by an open hearth fire. A brisk walk on a San Diego pier in Jan. Christmas cards from Ohio. Eating snowflakes and trying to warm up your nose with your mittens.... just a little medicine to balance the 105 degree days in Arkansas

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nothing better

When I was a little girl and people would ask me what do you want to be when you grow up, my first thought was always a mom! At one time I considered being a nun, but that would negate my first dream....so, and actually can you who know me picture me as a nun? Rules are not my forte.
To plagiarize a four year old I know; "I am too tired to keep the rule." Anyway, a mom I became. Tony, Angela and Jonathan...beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny, loving (do I need to say more or will I make you sick?) kids. Being a mom is not for the faint hearted (right Ang?). To do it right you have to have a ton of humor and courage. Not that I would know anything about doing it right. But through all the joys and sorrows I am forever grateful to be a mom and I couldn't have wanted for any more than my three burdens of joy. I heard some wisdom once from a seasoned mom. She said don't take responsibility for your children's successes or failures.
Just love, laugh and live with them. I couldn't be a prouder mom, there is nothing better!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Plains

We are on the road again. This time in Michigan. Camped across from a lake on one side and a corn field on the other. We have a few days to just chill and that is what we are doing. These are precious moments for me. Spending time with my grandsons . John loves the Great Plains. He tries to get to South Dakota once a year... but that is not always possible. I know he carries the power of the Black Hills and the Badlands with him. It is in his soul and in his DNA and so he is never really separated from those open skies he loves. The earth is so diverse and beautiful that no matter where we find ourselves we can feel gratitude just from connecting to the Earth and Sky. When I was in Ireland I said to myself " their can be no more beautiful place on earth than this"..three weeks later driving through the Ozarks on 44... I thought...wow this is awesome, totally beautiful. So the beauty we see travels with us and in us..walk in beauty today

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flexing Muscles

Most of us realize that mother nature and father sky are flexing there muscles right now. They are giving us fair warning that if we don't shape up they will kick our asses! Well maybe I should have said "butt" but I am taking poetic license. I for one don't want to tangle with Mother Nature. As humans we may have the allusion that we are tougher and smarter than most... just turn up the air conditioning. Just call FEMA (good luck). Get better insurance or just dig a whole on the sand and stick your head in it, of course now you may pull your head out covered in oil. But whatever we will find a way to wash the oil off....Really!! Wake up and smell the pollution... um lovely! For at least 50 years environmentalist have been shouting out to deaf ears and so now Mother Nature has taken up the call. Some people are actually listening now. Walk softly on the earth. Each one of us doing just a little may keep us out of the fight. Give your life a little purpose friends.. like maybe saving the planet. Recycling may not seem like Star Wars... but just pretend you are a Jedi fighter on your way to the Planet Recycle to save our planet from total annihilation. Turn off a light bulb. Walk instead of drive or ride a bike. Use Less Stuff.... it is not that difficult. Be smart and know that Mother Nature can and will kick our @#$%^# if we don't back off!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I loved Ireland..the people...the green...the spirit.
Wonderful and I will return to the Emerald Isle.
But one draw back, it was just too cold for me. I like the heat but to tell you the truth right now Arkansas is just to hot for me. I am looking for something "just right". While I am in Ireland I am dreaming of hot summer days at home and now I am at home thinking of cool Irish weather.
We humans are just crazy..... but in an ok way.
We always think something else is better or something is waiting for us around the bend. Not true. Hey Goldilocks this is it!

Monday, July 19, 2010


This morning I received a prayer request for a 20 year old woman diagnosed with a rare cancer. As I read her story I was overwhelmed with questions. Seems she has already lost her baby, who was delivered early because of the tumor. Wow this life can be dark and scary. I know everyone asks the questions.......why the pain and loss in this life. I certainly don't have the answer. As I think about this young woman, she represents the loss that so many people experience on a daily basis. I will pray for her of course and hope for a miracle in her life. Because we never know tomorrow and we don't really understand yesterday, it is important to take time and care with people. Life is fragile and a small kindness can go along way. You never know when a smile, a prayer, an encouraging word will be the las tone someone experiences. I know that this world is a lovely and beautiful place... but not all the time and not for some. Walk softly today in gratitude and put as much light in the world as you can.... it is important

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am not one for surprises, I like to know what is happening. I hate waiting to open a gift, I have to see what is inside. Not a great trait. Hurry, hurry, hurry is my personality. Wait, wait, wait is wisdom. So you can see my dilemma. Fortunately the Great Mystery has patience and is willing to wait. These Dolmen's in Ireland, 5000 years old. Ok...so let me figure this one out?! Guess what... I can't and you can't, we have to accept Mystery. Faith is the substance of things not seen.
Substance is real. Mystery is real. God is real. Whatever power our great great great great great... you get the point..grandparents possessed, we don't have it today. We can barely wait for a traffic light. We want our food and our religion fast and with no hidden ingredients. We want to know and be known (I mean facebook is proof of that). No mystery, no unanswered question for us smart, evolved folks. Well in spite of all our technology and oil spills, they do go hand in hand you know, we still could use a book "mystery for dummys" .... so quick somebody write one and then we will all still be dummys with a new book. I actually find peace and comfort in not knowing how these fabulous Dolmens came to be...but that doesn't mean I am not gonna rip into a wrapped present when I get one........ "why" you ask..."It's a mystery to me", I reply.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

creating a memory

One morning while visiting Ireland I wanted to create a late morning snack. I wanted to use this very cool rocks table cloth and create a memory. I looked around at all the left overs we had in the kitchen and I pulled them all together to create a quite scruptious meal. I did this a few times with making some cakes also, that if I must say so myself were quite awesome. It is my art to take what I find around me and put it together to create a memory. This is how I feel about the music we create at Circle Studios Records and the healing retreats we offer. I take a little of this and a little of that and with intention and prayer and some faith watch what happens. I am usually very pleased and very surprised at the outcome. Life has always been that way for me, not too scientific, much more artistic and magical. So though it may seem like a small thing this little table of love prepared for those I love, it is just these simple pleasures that really count in life. I hope you have a whole bunch of them!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

champion moments

I went to Ireland and found my 'muchness'. It was not necessarily easy. I had to overcome many fears and doubts and misgivings to stand at this place and breathe in pure peace. I will probably drive you crazy with my Irish Blogs, but the country of sacred spaces and holy faces has captured my heart and I am not looking to escape too soon. Each of us has our awakenings and usually many throughout our lives and many throughout each day. This photo is reminiscent of one of mine. The yellow flowers dance in the field in constant praise and gratitude. The mighty ocean sings its strong gentle song.
The cloud studded painted sky brings promise and change. The boats that pass by in the distance, as well as the soaring seagulls, beckon me to a deeper faith and remind me that, like them, I am on a journey that matters.

Friday, July 9, 2010

all is well

Ok folks... all is well in my world. Beautiful morning, coffee on the deck overlooking the amazing fog in the valley. My redtailed hawk friend came for a short visit while I ate peanut butter on cinnamon toast and bananas. It was quiet and beautiful and I made sure not to Think! Some times life just gets crazy and the laundry, bills, to do list, housework, responsibilties just pile up. Those are the little irritations that can break the thread we are hanging on to.
The real meaningful things that I wrote about in my blog the other day are real... children that need parents to be adults, oil spills, religious zealots and on and on. I make no apologies for my rant about those things. Those are the injustice fires within me that keep my sparkler going to try to make this world a better place. If my place, my personal space is not a quiet still burner, I won't have much affect on the rest. So today before my coffee my laundry got started and my dishes done... shucks no fun. But that is true power to find grace and peace in the little irritations and to put all of lifes work and play into balance. But please don't look at my desk ( if you can find it). I will save that mess for when I reach true enlightenment. I am trying to resist the temptation, but I think I am heading for a second cup of Joe. Love you All!! later

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

need coffee

I have been thinking....MISTAKE!! and I have a few questions, bitches and bewilderments.
So for today my commitment to the positive blog is void. So warning stop here..bleep..bleep
ok you had your chance.
First of all I do not understand how someone can choose drugs over children? How do you leave beautiful trusting souls who depend and admire you no matter what to getting high.... it is like choosing to eat dog shit instead of fillet mignon. What is up with that.. dope?
Second what is spiritual or loving about forcing people or expecting people to believe the way you do? To the point of killing innocent people with an airplane or damning people to hell because they don't see things your way? don't get it.
Third If there is so much damn oil running into the sea killing our environment and wildlife, why are we over in other countries at war trying to defend our oil interest? maybe I am just stupid..cause I just don't get these things.
Also for you folks that don't believe in global warming... turn off your air conditioners for a couple of days.... and have you noticed the rain and the flooding... I am not a scientist or anything but where does all that water from the snowcaps which are disappearing, melting... (too warm I suppose.. isn't that what melts things??) ...go? Just wondering as the creek rises.
ok there is more but I will spare you... cause I am hungry and haven't had my coffee yet... maybe that is the source of my negativity..... no Pollyanna closing..........life sucks

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is the summer of rainbows. I have already seen three rainbows this year and had a piece of the most wonderful rainbow cake. I found an incredible pot of gold after I ate that cake... too bad it was attached to my hips. Is there anything more breathtaking and magical than a rainbow? Maybe a new born baby or a reunion with a long lost love... as, but not more. A rainbow is and always has been a sign from God of hope of renewal of our Creators steadfast committment to us. A rainbow only shows up after a storm. Our lives take root and our faith is tested thru the storms. Our character is built in the unknowing and in the doubt and fear of tempestuous experience. Rainbows show up after tears rain down. The more tears, the greater the magnficence of the colors in our hearts. Rainbows don't stay around for a long time, we can't hold them or control them. Like the moments of our lives we just have to take them in and learn the lessons and feel the love. I wish for you all many rainbows and the courage to buy a piece of rainbow cake and enjoy!