"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME!
Wow! I woke up to the most wonderful birthday wishes. I may look like hell, swollen red nose, crusted over eyelids, pale, you get the picture (poor me) but my spirit is soaring... you know this whole thing is so little about the flesh and our wearing away bodies. Our spirits grow and grow and so does joy and purpose. it makes it a pure pleasure to grow a year older. To be an Elder is quite an honor and I embrace the awe of life! You all are the candles on my cake...xoxoxoxxoxo love ya tons!!
ok on with my blog
I have had many desserts in my life ( I should say too many)... but that is beside the point. I will save that lecture for my BE HEALTHY blog, which as you all know has yet to be written. But nothing is impossible. No today is about Rainbow Cake, which translates to living life to the fullest! Color, sweetness, friendship,sharing, celebrating. I hold these truth in my heart and translate them to the presents of a loving God!
These wonderful moments are not in any way tied to our present state of being. I for one feel like a piece of cow dung right now (physically) but in my soul and spirit I am soaring with the eagles. I will probably not enjoy a birthday cake today, however the memory of this wonderful rainbow cake will do the trick and save me a few calories at the same time..oh but that is another blog. No one can accuse me of living timid or frugile. I have spent these years saying yes to just about everything ( which is not always wise) but that is the way I roll. I make no apologies for the fact that I have stumbled plenty. I could have played it safe and stayed on my feet, but I may not have experienced all the colors of the rainbow or all the sweetness of a stolen kiss or the tears of deep understanding or the laughter that takes your breath away. It is my birthday and I don't feel like my life is slipping away I feel like I have lived and lived fully. So come what may, it is ok! How old am I? old enough to know better but young enough to not care!

Friday, September 17, 2010


When I was a little girl, I really believed that when I would blow the wings off the dandelion that each wing would carry my prayers. As an adult...I still believe that. Each wing is a prayer to God to intervene in the life of those who need love and encouragement and especially hope.
Every week I get the honor of working with 20 young hurting souls. I get to make them cookies and try to make them laugh. I know that their needs are way bigger than what I can give. So I keep these little wings in my heart and blow them up to the Creator and ask for mighty help and mighty love that can give these boys what they have never gotten in their homes or in their families or in their community. There is a world of hurt out there in need of a lot of prayer and a lot of sacrifice and a whole lot of love. I have been blessed with loving parents and a whole community of support. I have been blessed to be taught from childhood that someone out there beyond this small finite world really cares and that I can send a small childs prayer or a big adult burden and expect that help is on its way. If we can tune into love instead of political correctness and religious separation I think we could actually make a difference in this world. After all there are plenty of angels wings just waiting to lift our prayers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

early mourn

ok what do you write about at 4:30 in the morning after spending the last two hours trying to go back to sleep? My mind is moving from sparklers to fire crackers. No sense trying to understand it. It has to do with PMS or OCD or pre or post or hot flast right now! Now my dear friends don't worry about me. I have several hours of sleep saved up in my sleep bank, and I never am much of a saver. I am a spender and I spend it all. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Always my motto. I learned this unfortunately from too many experiences with death. And so here I am at my subject. This beautiful pic is one of the last taken by Father Bob. Just a day or two before he passed over to his heavenly home. Also in those last few pictures was one of me holding my sweet little grandson Jonathan Daniel. I have needed a good cry for awhile and I feel one coming. Father Bob was a bridge over troubled waters for me. He is the one who told me "go for it" time and time again. He is the one who delighted when I walked into the room. He is the one who knew how to live beyond his means because he was a dreamer and his means were beyond him. He believed in my writing and he not only said so, but bought me my first word processor and fronted me the money for my first book, which I never was able to pay back to him. He was a quiet and humble man... kind of stubborn and could be withdrawn. I miss him, although I know he is very close. He knows now that it is good to cry..... and believe me the more you love, the more you will cry. Thanks Father Bob for the laughter and the tears.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Housekeeper please!

As I pick up my messy house, I am grateful for the activity that leaves my house in disaray
Meals shared...love given...card games played..friends..grandson..family
miriads of people to love and care for
music to create, art to appreciate
House gets messy. Now I would be most grateful for a housekeeper!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Badlander

Soon we will be introducing our new bass guitar player! But I thought I would give you all my dear friends a chance to get aquainted with Adrian Adams aka the third badlander. The Badlanders are made up of three of the most incredible musicians... they are all bad to the bone! musically, however you could never meet three nicer guys. Maybe that is why the music is so transcendental because these three souls are as real and true as you can get. We now are on the fourth song and each one keeps getting better than the last. Music is my life and I enjoy nothing more than producing excellent music!
So stay tuned!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Everything in nature is telling me that my sweet wonderful summer is leaving me behind. I look at the leaves and the greeen in the pool in my backyard and I have to tell myself, no more floating this year Peggy. Boo hoo...ok I am over that. So, I must find another way to REST. I am so bad at resting but am determined to get better. Rest is a totally cool thing. My mind knows this but my compulsive self says go...go..go girl. Hurry up, there is no time like the present to do...do...do. Soooo, I am determined to slow down and rest, later! See ya, got places to go and people to see!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New rant

I feel a new rant about to surface. I have tried to hold it back with a cup of coffee and sweet roll and the beauty of the morning. But then I made my mistake I started to read the paper. The editorial page...bad medicine. Some guy complaining about trying to save wolves and bears, seem he doesn't like them. They spoil his pleasant walk in the woods. Hey dude get over it! For 40 years and especially for the last 20 Environmentalist and people with brains have been telling us to cut down on consumption and start conscious living. Now people are sweating, being flooded out and facing the furry of Mother Nature. So what is the editorial page answer? Lets build more, buy more and consume more... I mean it means more jobs! Help! No planet? More jobs? Let me think.... I prefer human beings remaining on the planet. I have an idea....how about more jobs nurturning Mother Earth...creating peace and products that are sustainable. Hey how about food that doesn't poison the earth and us. Maybe we could create jobs for construction instead of destruction. I am not Mother Theresa of the planet, I have a long way to go...but at least I realized that Drill baby drill was a bad idea 4 years ago and still know it today. Hey I hear the ice caps melting is effecting Alaska now, houses are sinking. Maybe Ms. Palins will float across her yard into Russia...if it did she would still shout drill baby drill. She just likes the sound of it and since shes heading straight to heaven I guess she doesn't care if the rest of us end up in %$#&! Hey turn off some lights today..do some recycling..praying...walking...thinking and loving. Intention and action just might save our planet!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

John and I have been married 17 years today.
It seems like yesterday when we said I do. In the middle of passion, conflict, and incredible doubt and unknowing. It was pure follow your heart ( such a dangerous option, or so we are told). With our life experiences, ages, families and personalities the skeptics would have to say our chances were not good, our marriage was doomed to fail. But we had this one thing, this one stubborn strand that bound us together, love. It seems like yesterday that we took off on our honeymoon. It seems we've never returned from that trip and it is unlikely that we ever will. So as we head into the 18th year of our honeymoon, I just wanted to say... I am the luckiest girl alive.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I really do hate pictures of me... my true friends don't hold a camera to my face. I have never liked pictures. But why. Pictures lie. They show the flesh...the finite...the superficial. Now some people know how to capture more in a picture, these people are artist. I remember the experience of riding around in the choo choo with my grandson and if pictures told the truth, my smile would be bigger than the train. My spirit would be leaping off the page, because I was having the time of my life. Perfection! I was doing the one thing I enjoy most in life, sharing a
magic moments with someone I love deeply. Never mind I hadn't combed my hair or put on makeup or lost those 50 lbs... I will lose them either before I die or when I die. One way or another they are going away. But I believe the things you don't see in this picture will live on. So I really don't like pictures of myself much... but I sure am happy to have this one because of the wonder in my grandson's eyes and the delight felt in my spirit. This is perfection Ms Lohan, Ms Hilton, Ms. Spears and all you others searching for meaning in a bottle of something. Try real love... oh and on your way eat a sandwich ( just to make me feel better). Perfection comes in little packages and I don't mean diamonds. Perfection comes in moments and those moments don't hang around long.. perfection.... don't miss it!