"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Friday, November 11, 2011

fall day and Taco Soup

ok blogger friends, you are gonna be glad you took the time to read this one.... I woke very early this morning, not to greet the day with vigor and enthusiasm, but rather because I couldn't sleep. I hate that feeling of lying in bed trying to fall back asleep. So here I am not even 8 am and I have been up for hours. Among my sketchy plans for the day, I have decided to honor this cool sunny fall day with some hot spicy taco soup.
Today is 11/11/11 whoopie....just numbers we humans put to days, nothing devine in this. But now taco soup, that is something divine, that is something you can sink your teeth into. I wish I could say that my recipe is handed down to me by generations of family cooks, but I was not one of those lucky ones with generations of anything. I never knew my grandparents, my father died when I was a young girl and my mother lost her mother when she was a toddler. So my connection to good cookin is stuck with my mom ( who is an excellent cook), the food network and an addiction to cook books. This recipe came to me from Shirley at the Ice Cream store in Eureka Springs AR. John loves Shirleys vegetable soup, I love her husband Richard's ice cream strawberry soda! Thus the difference between John's and my bodies. Anyway back to the taco soup. I have made this soup for many a Circle of Nations member, from retreats to Christmas parties a Peggy staple...
Taco Soup
1 lb ground beef ( I use diet lean)
1 small onion chopped well
1 pk of taco seasonings
1 can rotel tomatoes
2 cans stewed tomatoes
2 cans pinto beans
1 small package of frozen corn ( I use the steam type with peppers)
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp sugar
brown ground beef well with onion, add seasonings, then throw everything else in the pot..add corn last, cook for about 1 hour pour in bowl top with shredded cheddar or monterey jack or whatever you like top that with sour cream and taco chips. Enjoy!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Perhaps if I look at this picture long enough, I can conjer up the medicine in this piece of art. At times I do remember feeling like this...and I certainly innvite the magic now. But some days are not red road days, they are blue road days. Today I seem to be traveling on one of these roads. Not by my own choice or my own design, but by the very nature of being human beings we have these days. This is why I appreciate music and humor and art and magic, because they comfort us in our blue day and encourage us on our red day. Today I could just use a bigggg huggg. You know the old saying woke up on the wrong side of the bed, well thats me. And if you know me, you know I am just extremely honest and open with my feelings. So blogging friends when you think of me today...send a hug!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Real Peace

Hello Blogging friends:
long time I have been away, good to be back.......
I took a walk today through the Circle of Nations Medicine Garden (barefoot, thank you Morten) This time was good for me. A friend posed a question today...What do you believe? The only answer I could come up with at the time was I believe I need to go get a cup of coffee, it was early this morning. Now with caffiene in place I am in some way ready to tackle this question. I believe in real peace and in real connection. Real peace happens at the dying bed of your dear friend, picking up your child from the police station, hearing the door shut as your lover walks out for good....and on and on and on. Real peace says this is it....and this is not it. It allows tons of space for hope and doesn't sugar coat a rancid moment. I wonder, what did the Madoff family need with billions of $s....they needed real peace, real connection. And unfortunately you cannot buy these powerful intangible elements. The Medicine Garden is dear to my heart. I have seen tons of healing and connection take place on this little 5 acre area in the middle of nowhere. So what do I believe.... my beliefs change and grow and sometimes show up in the size of a mustard seed. I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I believe in fudge brownies for my body and awesome sunsets for my soul.
I pose this question to you...What do you believe?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

on the road again

I woke up this morning early so I could beat the heat. I thought I would get a running start on packing the rig and preparing for a road trip. Well I snuck up on it, but it clobbered back. So here I sit in the air conditioned house with several more loads of things to pack. Of course now that I need to print things to go....my printer says no. That is so much like life. Oh best laid plans.....well new plan. I do hope it rains here in Northwest Arkansas. The trees look so thirsty. I always am a little anxious about leaving the comforts of my little nest here in the mountains, but the road hold adventure and opportunities. Stay or go, either way I am blessed. But this time, I get to see my grandson, so that is worth it all! Don't even get me started xoxoxoxx...love...love...love.....xoxoxxo. The heat messengers like the spider, bees and butterfly messengers are letting us know it is time to wise up and smell the environment. We can all do a little and that little will help. Fear and worry are totally useless, what is useful is love and hope. Good is good, God is good, you are good...love is good, hope is good....BE GOOD!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more intentions

My friends have been encouraging me to blog, to share, to write. Somehow life got in the way of my writing about life. Living is good, loving is better, being loved is the best! My dreams and intentions are collected in this circle of life. When I blow on them, like this dandelion, they scatter and take form in the air. I can't see them but I know they are the seeds that grow a million more intentions and dreams. When I put the breath of life to them, the gift of life from God they take wings and give my life purpose and hope. I am a true believer. I believe in dandelion wings and birthday candle wishes, falling stars and fortune cookies. I believe in rainbows that display the love of God. I cannot even imagine what it is to not imagine, to not believe. Each breath is a miracle to me. Even in the onslaught of life, the disappointments, the rejections, the doubts...I still see a sliver of the moon and I hang onto it with a single thread of stubborn conviction. Love will see my intentions through. Life is good....dream no small dream...put them on the wings of a dandelion and blow. Believe!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty Music

While traveling across the US on tour 7 years ago with Seamus Byrne, he and I would intend new projects. The beauty music project was one of them. We wanted to create music that would encourage the inner beauty in its listeners. We wanted to create a message that true beauty is not found in a bottle of makeup or in the eyes of a fickle and blind society, but in the inner soul. Because we live in a society that has become fixated on youth and equates beauty with a size 2 female waif and a muscle bound man, we have left out 98% of the people and even the 2 percent of people with perfect bodies feel inadequate. Why? Because beauty is in the wrinkles, in the real and true self. Beauty is in the diversity of the forest and the not so perfect life. Beauty is in the hope after the flood and in the getting up after being knocked down. Beauty is in the arthritic hands that have given a lifetime of service and love. Beauty is found where beauty abides, in the still small places and in the aged faces. A child's eyes and butterflies, that is where beauty abides. And when we know that... we will feel beautiful and will be able to see true beauty in everyone we meet. Sir Charles Hammer, my friend who has now passed over to the other world, was and is a man of beauty. His hugs were truly rich and his music is forever alive. Seamus Byrne, my Irish brother and troubadour understands the beauty of the goodness of God and John Two-Hawks' music can be described as nothing if not beautiful. These three have given beautiful music to the world. Cynthia De'Robbins, your painting is exquisite as are you.
Thank you for the gift of "Beauty Music".

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It has been a while since I have written in my blog. Working on publishing my new book of poetry "The Wind of My Soul" has taken up time as well as being on the road with the new "Vision Seeker Tour". Ok excuses behind me. Today I am wondering why? This can be a dangerous preoccupation. We may see answers we don't want to look into. At my age I am very comforted by being able to say. I don't know. The few things I do know and am convinced of I only have my own experience to depend on to know them. Like, a glimmer of hope and light will always show up in the darkest moments. Like, I will have what I need when I need it and I surely am not just this body of bones, flesh and blood. Love is worth it....Music speaks to the true self.....God is good....a true friend will forgive you....we are co-creators of our lives....chocolate is good....life and love are easy....life and love are tough...what you put into this world, you will receive from this world. Why...I don't know but who, that I know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live it

Live it!
Poetry and blood course through my veins.
As I crave my morning coffee, I search for words.
Coffee is my blood, cream and sugar my poetry,
my being, my essence.

What is life without the art? A structure of walls and rules.
Our spirit must soar, experience and imagine.
Our ego and fear is loud.
The self's center must be coaxed to speak above the noise.

I am love, I am beauty, I am spirit and faith.
I have nothing to fear. I lack absolutely nothing.
The storms, though my roots, will not define my wings.
Walls are for displaying art and this body is to house my spirit.

I am free to fly and to be who I am.
I delight in life and dream no small dreams.
This it it,
Live it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April inside

April is buried deep inside my soul,
yellow sun worshippers and little purple feet huggers.
April is a hope in the chill of my bones,
it is a truth in an ocean of lies,
healing, singing, wavering, life bringer.
Rebirth after death, isn't that what we all want, what we sort of believe in December.
April says its true,
April lives in me and you!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

just real

I really love living in the Ozarks. As I look out my window, everything is kind of discombobulated and uneven. The natural world is not a manicured world here. It is interesting and alive with spirit. Being a child of the 60s, I totally embraced the no bra, no makeup, no pretense era.
The misfit that I am just fit in (well that is an oxymoron). Lets just say I found a little of myself in the movement. And you can take the girl out of the 60s, but you can't take the 60s out of the girl. Oh, I do appreciate the well groomed rose garden, but I find my imagination in the little purple flower popping up to say hello amid the just real. We have a world full of beauty queens and muscle beach types. We live in a world of superficial facebook relationships and fast food friendships. Oh how I long for the times we actually touched each other and thought and actually believed in "World Peace". A time before the world changed us, when we believed we would change the world. Now from the top of the rung to the bottom, we jockey for position with strong wills and weak imaginations. I am so grateful for my Ozark home. On a trip to the bank or the grocery store, I can spend more time visiting with neighbors than doing my errands. I am so thankful for the birds, the mountains, the weedy overgrown road sides, the slow moving and talking folks that couldn't give a rats ass what I drive or where I live. I can drive past the gym, straight to the coffee shop. I can forget to comb my hair and slip on a large sweatshirt to hide my bra-less frame and the people I meet will look at me in the eyes and stir my imagination with kind conversation. You can keep your CNN and Fox News, I prefer to get my whats up from Buck Pyatt or Barbara Harmony or one of many purple flowers growing up just to say hello, growing up through imagination and beauty.......just real.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

green and ancient moments

Life is new everyday and everyday old.
Green grasses and new mini purple flowers,
shower my life with passion and wings.
Stone people with wrinkled stories give me
ground to hold me to truth and responsibility.
Wings for dreaming, roots for giving.
What a perfect union of mother earth and father sky, of green and ancient moments

Thursday, March 10, 2011

bling bling arbor

We are close to spring in the Ozarks. I can reach my hand out and almost touch it. I hear the little hellos from the daffodils on the side of the road. I can envision walking in the Medicine Garden and feeling the rebirth all around me. I am aware that the redbuds and dogwoods are about to fill the garden of my life with extravagant beauty. And lilacs........the smell of fresh lilacs in large vases scattered thoughout the house, with the windows open and a gentle breeze filling my nest with the awareness of my own rebirth. I love lilacs and lilies of the valley. Lilies of the Valley, pure and innocence, just plain evidence of God's abiding love! I can still remember being a child and waiting for spring vacation from school, knowing that summer and freedom was right around the corner. I have never lost that sence of wonder and hope. My life has been filled with these moments and I am too stubborn to let hatred, negativity and evil overpower the love I feel all around me. The risen Christ, the hope of humanity, the Creator of this spring rebirth has not for one moment left me or you. The cold of life and winter may create in us doubt and pain. Do not be fooled by what shouts for attention. Listen to the small voice. A lily of the valley is more powerful than a storehouse of weapons. A small candle will always illuminate no matter how dark the surrounding. I pray for you today, that in your heart you may have hope and a glimpse of spring!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I've not got the most put together pond. As a matter a fact it is a lot like me. Sort of put together with mismatched recyled parts. We put our pond up several years ago using left over rocks from our house building project. The pond is uneven so the water is always higher on one side then the other. The black plastic shows thru and because John doesn't want to use chemicals or kill little growing things...the pond is usually full of algae and millions of little tadpoles. If you really know me, you'd be surprised how much this does describe me. Anyway, in all this misfit pond mess arrives this most exquisite water lily each year. Nothing could be more beautiful then this perfection which pokes it humble and magnificent beauty up through the dirty toad filled water. Breath taking!! I am ok with being off center a bit because I know that my Creator sees beauty in me and can create the loveliest flowers in the most unusual places. Living in Arkansas, we are surrounded by the natural, unkept forest. I have grown to love the wild flowers and the unexpected bold beauty which surrounds me as I become one with this place. I am so glad that we are so different from one another. I too like beautiful designed roses from the florist.... but I will take a lily of the valley or a wild daisy over those perfect roses any day....to each his own!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


ok Luella this one is for you!
Nothing stays the same. As I watch the snow outside my window, I am aware that in a few short weeks the dogwoods and redbuds will start to bloom. This knowledge actually helps me to enjoy the 16 inches of snow and still falling on my deck. It is lovely and I am still in my jammies at 1:00pm and will probably be in them until the snow melts on Fri. or Sat. Nothing stays the same. The struggles and challenges I face now will be gone sooner than I can blink an eye. They will be replaced by new ones. But what really needs my attention are the snow flakes and the tons of hungry birds feasting on my bird feeders outside the window. These beautiful yellow flowers will need my full attention in a few short months. These are the changes that we can count on and live for. Our creator is so incredibly good to us. Each breath is a gift, each moment a miracle as we try each day to find our way out of this darkness we have created for ourselves. As Nancy said so well "Even when we stumble, even when we fall, there is still light around it all". There lies wisdom, not in our actions, but in the beauty and light that is found in the snowflakes, the daffodils, the courage and honesty of a true friend and in the hope that love does cover a multitude of sin. We humans are so flawed, so fearful and so needy. But that all doesn't matter much in the eyes of love. We are perfect and brave and capable in the eyes of love. We are as lovely as the simple yellow flowers or the gentle white snow flakes. In the light of perfect sight, in the light that surrounds us, we are pure beauty.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

things that matter

Walt Disney got it right! He figured out and designed magic. He found a way to remind us one and all that the most important thing to remember in this life is to have Fun... he must have had an old Indian sage for a mentor. Anyway this is the wisdom of the Grandmothers!
"Laughter is the WD 40 of the soul" Laughing at yourself will take years off your life. Seriously, why be so serious? After all, there is not one thing you can do to turn back the clock...and why would you want to anyway. We all know life is tough, sad and impossible, so why not laugh right in it's scary face. Lightness is the way to dance and to fly. To discover your dreams and your life, you must let go of all the heaviness, the unfounded fear and especially the anger. Nothing is heavier to carry than anger. Life is fun, unpredictable and magical. Just look at the stars in the clear night sky. Why not make a huge dragon today out of legos or take a child sledding. Or crawl into your jammies and cover up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and read some awesome poetry. Conduct a symphony in your mind or just think 12 impossible thoughts before breakfast. Find the magic, find the lightness and spread the love. A smile is the first step, come on be brave you can do it... "Make your life come true"

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am inspired by real people
Once while sitting at Nancy Cooper Maier's house, I was so inspired I came home and wrote
five poems.
I am inspired by humble people
after spending time with my friend Seamus, I must get down off my high horse and even
consider the possibility that I may be wrong
I am inspired by loving people
sit and talk with John Two-Hawks for awhile and I find it hard to wish ill on
my enemies...even the real nasty ones
I am inspired by artistic people
I look around at the young people at Nightwish concerts and I strive to find words
as eloquent as Tuomas writes
I am inspired by brave people
my sister Sue, who gave up a successful career to give full love and attention to her
three grandchildren, who really have nothing to give back
I am inspired by so so many people
these spirits that surround us are our teachers and our guides
I thank you all so much!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magnificent Artist

Sitting inside a cold square room in front of a sterile dell. I am looking at a pic I took several years ago and marveling at the wonder of the artist...not exquisite photo...the artist. The constant blue sky, the song of the cedar tree and the magnificent touch of the rainbow sun. There would be no picture for me to take, no breath for me to breath without the Hand of the Almighty Creator. I feel sometimes so disconnected. Do you? I think we are living in a time of disconnect.
Text messages, facebook, cell phones, computers, distant families and this wonderful world of technology.......has disconnected us from intimacy, from true friendship and true communication. Why, the more friends you have on facebook, the lonelier you feel. I always thought a friend was someone I could borrow a cup of sugar from. Someone I could laugh with and cry with. As I read the great jokes online, I laugh alone. As I send out prayer requests I cry alone. We have in some ways created a prison for ourselves and become way too self possessed. I wonder will we gain back a true community. Will we see a world again as simple and as beautiful as it was created to be. I watch teenagers in a group, they are texting. They are not even looking each other in the eyes, reaching beyond the superficial into the spirit. A text will never be a hug. A playstation will never be a game of kickball with friends. A new cell phone will never be a cheer of encouragement from your mom and dad. Things are not love. And typed words are not heart songs. Connect to the artist and the art will fill your soul!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cleaning and dreaming

Hello 2011 you wonderful opportunity. I have finally begun to tackle my office. Papers from the last 6 years. John is on his way to the recycle center with two huge garbage cans full of old papers. I was prompted on New Years Eve day to take on this mess when LJ ( my little 5 year old friend) asked Uncle John, why this room so junky?...John promptly sent him to me and when I told him I was going to sort the papers, He said"why you not throw them away"? Hmmmm, I never thought of that. So on with the mission to get organized. It can happen you know ( I see that smerk of doubt on your lips sister Suzie) It will happen and it must happen. My dream is to afford myself more time for poetry and photography. Perhaps, I will actually some day be able to find a piece of paper I am looking for without begging poor St. Anthony for one more favor. Not that I don't have a ton of other prayer request for my most favorite St. But hey why should he always clean up my mess, when some things I can handle. And after all that shall be the biggest miracle of all....me surrounded by only clean organized space! It can be done, it must be done! Try to stop me......no crossword puzzle..not now...solitaire..no no ...later. Well of course there is always tomorrow NO NO NO!!
Lead us not into temptation. Tune in to the next blog, when my office will be completely organized. Till then I am cleaning and dreaming