"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Friday, February 18, 2011


I've not got the most put together pond. As a matter a fact it is a lot like me. Sort of put together with mismatched recyled parts. We put our pond up several years ago using left over rocks from our house building project. The pond is uneven so the water is always higher on one side then the other. The black plastic shows thru and because John doesn't want to use chemicals or kill little growing things...the pond is usually full of algae and millions of little tadpoles. If you really know me, you'd be surprised how much this does describe me. Anyway, in all this misfit pond mess arrives this most exquisite water lily each year. Nothing could be more beautiful then this perfection which pokes it humble and magnificent beauty up through the dirty toad filled water. Breath taking!! I am ok with being off center a bit because I know that my Creator sees beauty in me and can create the loveliest flowers in the most unusual places. Living in Arkansas, we are surrounded by the natural, unkept forest. I have grown to love the wild flowers and the unexpected bold beauty which surrounds me as I become one with this place. I am so glad that we are so different from one another. I too like beautiful designed roses from the florist.... but I will take a lily of the valley or a wild daisy over those perfect roses any day....to each his own!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


ok Luella this one is for you!
Nothing stays the same. As I watch the snow outside my window, I am aware that in a few short weeks the dogwoods and redbuds will start to bloom. This knowledge actually helps me to enjoy the 16 inches of snow and still falling on my deck. It is lovely and I am still in my jammies at 1:00pm and will probably be in them until the snow melts on Fri. or Sat. Nothing stays the same. The struggles and challenges I face now will be gone sooner than I can blink an eye. They will be replaced by new ones. But what really needs my attention are the snow flakes and the tons of hungry birds feasting on my bird feeders outside the window. These beautiful yellow flowers will need my full attention in a few short months. These are the changes that we can count on and live for. Our creator is so incredibly good to us. Each breath is a gift, each moment a miracle as we try each day to find our way out of this darkness we have created for ourselves. As Nancy said so well "Even when we stumble, even when we fall, there is still light around it all". There lies wisdom, not in our actions, but in the beauty and light that is found in the snowflakes, the daffodils, the courage and honesty of a true friend and in the hope that love does cover a multitude of sin. We humans are so flawed, so fearful and so needy. But that all doesn't matter much in the eyes of love. We are perfect and brave and capable in the eyes of love. We are as lovely as the simple yellow flowers or the gentle white snow flakes. In the light of perfect sight, in the light that surrounds us, we are pure beauty.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

things that matter

Walt Disney got it right! He figured out and designed magic. He found a way to remind us one and all that the most important thing to remember in this life is to have Fun... he must have had an old Indian sage for a mentor. Anyway this is the wisdom of the Grandmothers!
"Laughter is the WD 40 of the soul" Laughing at yourself will take years off your life. Seriously, why be so serious? After all, there is not one thing you can do to turn back the clock...and why would you want to anyway. We all know life is tough, sad and impossible, so why not laugh right in it's scary face. Lightness is the way to dance and to fly. To discover your dreams and your life, you must let go of all the heaviness, the unfounded fear and especially the anger. Nothing is heavier to carry than anger. Life is fun, unpredictable and magical. Just look at the stars in the clear night sky. Why not make a huge dragon today out of legos or take a child sledding. Or crawl into your jammies and cover up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and read some awesome poetry. Conduct a symphony in your mind or just think 12 impossible thoughts before breakfast. Find the magic, find the lightness and spread the love. A smile is the first step, come on be brave you can do it... "Make your life come true"