"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is the summer of rainbows. I have already seen three rainbows this year and had a piece of the most wonderful rainbow cake. I found an incredible pot of gold after I ate that cake... too bad it was attached to my hips. Is there anything more breathtaking and magical than a rainbow? Maybe a new born baby or a reunion with a long lost love... as, but not more. A rainbow is and always has been a sign from God of hope of renewal of our Creators steadfast committment to us. A rainbow only shows up after a storm. Our lives take root and our faith is tested thru the storms. Our character is built in the unknowing and in the doubt and fear of tempestuous experience. Rainbows show up after tears rain down. The more tears, the greater the magnficence of the colors in our hearts. Rainbows don't stay around for a long time, we can't hold them or control them. Like the moments of our lives we just have to take them in and learn the lessons and feel the love. I wish for you all many rainbows and the courage to buy a piece of rainbow cake and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

organized chaos

I am back from the computer black hole. Our computer got sick and we have been nursing it back to health. Perhaps it is well now, or at least well enough I can begin to work and play with it again. I am amazed how difficult life is with a tired computer. I am thinking back just a few short life times ago....like back 20 years when I had no computer and did not even know how to turn one on. I still ate, I still played, worked and got along just fine. Now I am so connected to this thing we call a computer, this organized chaos.
Has it made my life better.... really. Maybe not, here I sit while the sun shines outside. I suppose it ranks up there with telephones and televisions, how do we live without them? I like my cooking shows and being able to talk to my grandkids on the phone. I like movies and connecting online with Circle of Nations members all over the world. So I suppose this technology is a good thing.....but the sunshine is beckoning me to head outside. I am glad my computer is back. I am also glad that I am still more in love with the natural world then the neon distractors that demand we sit... think I will go take a walk....see ya on the outside.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

pool time

It is hot here in Arkansas and they are saying it shall get hotter...hurrah!! I love the summer heat. When we moved into our house here 6 years ago my dream was to have an inground pool, but we opted for a $300 Walmart fill and float. I wanted a $50,000 dream pool and what I have, well, is not exactly that. But I love my pool. They said it would only last 3 years but we are in our sixth season and I was able to find relief from the summer heat in it yesterday. I am always so thankful for my little pool. I float and dream and relax in that space. The cardinals nest in a tree above me and sing me a sweet song. I can see my house as I lie there and have seen road runners, deer, redtailed hawks and many other wonderful birds and creatures. It is the one thing that can slow my sparkler mind down to a steady flow of water and thoughts. I love water in all forms (except maybe ice in the winter on the Arkansas windy roads) I love waterfalls, lakes, stream, oceans. When I was a kid and we would have a steady hard rain. The streets in our neighborhood would be full of water. Suddenly, I had my own swimming pool. I would spend all day swimming down the street. On days with no rain, there was the sprinkler
( this was pre slip and slide) The sprinkler was great! The city pool was great and going to Lake Michigan was heaven! I do love the summer heat but only if it is accompanied with water. I am so appreciative for those puddles that were my first resort experience because now a small $300 pool is pure luxury. Enjoy whatever it is that floats your boat!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful memory

Sometimes John and I would go to Nancy's house to record. Three years ago we went to record some children singing to add to Nancy's new childrens CD "Every Little Thing" Nancy's house was full of bright colors, dogs barking, music, art and her incredible creative spirit. Sometimes I would leave Nancy's place and go home and write the most amazing poetry. Nancy fought cancer for 7 years and during that time she lived more than most people live in 70 years. She painted, wrote, sang, led a choir, laughed and grew. She is my friend and my inspiration. We wanted to plan a release party for her new Childrens CD, but somehow that just didn't happen. But now it is going to happen. I will miss her sweet smiling face and the way her whole body moved as she directed the choir. If everyone had 1 ounce of Nancy's goodness then the world would be healed.
If you don't have Nancy's music then you are totally missing out. Her childrens CD is soulful and uplifting. Her first CD "love again" is just pure light. Come to the Concert tomorrow night at 7:00pm at the First United Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville AR. John will be performing along with several others and Nancy's choir. I will be the MC and am baking some incredible cupcakes. If you live across the globe and can't attend, then just look up to the stars and ask Nancy to share a little of her light and then like Nancy you will shine shine shine!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spaced out

Look up! I think we have become a people of downers. We are constantly looking at the immediate problem and missing the awe of the experience. Ever wish upon a star? Well their are plenty to wish upon and the sky is full of mystery and promise. Our dreams are made of such sky beauty. If life is not what you thought it should be or it is not what you want it to be... then take an hour and gaze up at the night sky and ask why? Listen and you will gain a new perspective. Lie down and just feel your connection to the Earth and Sky.... feel the awesome power and your simple connection to it. You matter, your life matters and each breath you take is a sacred journey. You are alive, let that be enough. When I was a child I lived across the street from a large Cathedral. I used to lay on my back on the parking lot at night and just gaze at the stars ( the open air Cathedral). Those moments did more to form who I am then anything else I can remember. I gained perspective, faith, strength and connection through those moments. I gained more than I can say. Life slips by with stuff to do and to do and to do. Take a moment... cause you matter

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

beauty travels

I have discovered something very wonderful. When you leave one beautiful moment, you are met by another one. We carry beauty with us and it is always within us and around us. It was hard for me to leave the beautiful Irish coastline and my dear Irish friends. As I traveled down I44 through the Ozarks I was amazed that my heart was overwhelmingly full of joy and beauty. The sun was shining and I loved the feel of the much too warm for Irish folks weather. I became aware of the love I have for my own country and for my dear familiar spirit friends. When I take my journey from this fleeting life I will take the beauty with me and will be so thrilled to know that it is never left behind. Their is always more around every corner. Keep walking, keep searching and remember you are the carrier of the beauty.... share it.... smile....good to be back!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

touching the spirit

Well my friends I am finally at a computer with an internet service...with some time. I am in Galway Ireland. I am touching the wind each day and so if you want to know pretty close to how I am feeling just put on the song Touch the Wind and listen. Beautiful Earth off the Earth, Fire, Water, Wind album will do it too. I will write alot about Ireland when I get back to my home. I want to share the pictures and videos with my words. I do believe Ireland is the most beautiful place in the world. The people the ancient sites and the natural beauty that surround me, could leave me to believe the world is nothing but perfect. I choose to believe that for the moment. Being human from time to time I consider what is missing ( we humans are such half empty creatures) but it did occur to me that I am missing the birds...my winged friends. And all the four leggeds I get to see in the forest, that I feel are my brothers and my sisters. So life is good everywhere if we will just fill up our glass. Mine I must admit has been filled more than once with Guinness...another truly Irish, ancient spiritual experience...the pub. That is another story, or two.