"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

simple pure mystery

Sometimes the world can look a little messy. Sometimes it can be downright ugly. This weekend we celebrate Easter... simple pure mystery.
We celebrate a miracle that takes us from hopelessness to a promise of joy. I love Easter, not as a religious tradition but as an inner conviction of all that I believe in. In light, in mystery, in dogwoods, in the sacred circle, in goodness, in faith and most importantly in LOVE. The example of Jesus, sacrifice for the world, shows us the way to the true blessings of life. It is not an easy road but it is paved with dogwoods and hope. It is a painful and scarred battle to experience true love, but so worth it.
People seem to love the joy part, but you can't have the joy without the pain. I am so grateful for the example and for the Greatest Love of all. Love reigns! Happy Easter! Enjoy some chocolate!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Redbud hunting

Here in the Ozarks we are about 10 days from Redbud time. John and I will leave for Tennessee next week, about the time the red- buds arrive. My first question to the producer in Chattanooga. "do you have redbuds in April. She said yes.. and I said ok then we will come. ' I usually never book an event the first two weeks in April because that is redbud blooming time and I don't want to miss a moment with them. They are usually only around for about two weeks. So everyday that I go out now I am peering thru the woods looking for little purple buds. The dogwoods will follow the redbuds and for about 4 to 7 days they will both be out together... that is Magic. I figure that the ride to and from Tennessee will be a good redbud hunting expedition. And when I get home I should be here for the redbud dogwood show. I have come to learn that life is best lived surrounded by beautiful nature and people who make you feel good about yourself. Like the dogwoods and redbuds thier are people in my life that I only get to experience for 7 to 14 days a year and I soak in each moment I have with them and look forward to our times together like I do the redbuds. Each season is full of wonderful magic and beauty. Hope your days are full of redbuds, dogwoods and special people

Monday, March 29, 2010

wild brook

In keeping with my sparkler theme, I have concluded that I am most like a wild brook, not a placid lake, a roaring ocean or a singing stream... a wild brook. What are you? We are each unique and beautiful. I really love water, it is my element. Most of my fondest memories involve water. When I was a child, my dad would get home from work early and we would go to Lake Michigan and eat dinner on the beach. I would frolic in the waves and never have a single care. I still can not keep my self away from waves, I love them completely. I lived steps away from the ocean when I was a young mom. I would stroll my son over and we would watch the sunset over the ocean almost every evening. These are the moments that have shaped my life.
These are the spirit meals that have enriched my soul. The wild brook does not say to the placid lake, you are lovelier than me. Nor the ocean to the waterfall, I am stronger than you. Nature is, in its own way, the teacher of humility and balance. The more humanity learns of its constant beauty the more humanity will find peace.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It has finally happened. I don't feel like writing. I have gone over a month with inspiration every day and a desire to write my blog. Today is a blah day. It is beautiful sunny and warm outside and I don't feel like joining in on the parade today. I think I will just move slowly around the house and occasionally just feel sorry for myself. I don't think I will look for the half full glass or make lemonade out of lemons. I have no excuse, no depression, no sickness, no sudden tragedy just blah.
so is life
to be continued... or not

Friday, March 26, 2010

dream catchers

Life is full of magic moments. There seem to be signs all around us, messages from beyond, to remind us of what truly matters. Children seem to inherently know what is important. Watch them play, feel them hug. Yesterday, as I sat in the hospital with my mom and John, things seemed pretty much hospital culture. Sterile, clipboards, anxious anticipation, waiting, needles. Not much magic.... until I opened my eyes. The nurses who cared for my mom were not the usual or what you might expect...no nurse Hatchet in the bunch. We had the singing nurse, the caring nurse, the angel on the wings of mercy nurse. Every one of them was full of grace and kindness. I was like, what is this? Is this real? Are these maybe angels visiting in answer to prayer? When mom went into surgery, we had two more angels greet us...Luella and Sue. I had other Circle of Nations angels call, send cards, show love. Life was full of magic moments in that place of pain. We are all so connected to spirit but if we just pass by the message, if we are in too big of a hurry to see, if we have turned off our magic sensors, given up on faith and hope, then we won't see. This incredible sign of connection that the spider weaves we will not hear. The rainbow, the unexpected smile, the beautiful lily, the hawk.... all messengers. We are loved.... listen....see.....respond. Most important, you can be someone else's angel. Try it, give love and it will heal the world at least for a moment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

from lillies to laundry

I woke up early this morning to a disturbing dream. I actually woke up in tears. So I have spent the last couple hours trying to comfort myself. Hot bubble bath, hot coffee, cinnamon bread toast and now a blog. This picture was taken outside my front door in our little pond. It is one of my favorite pictures. It is so beautiful. But don't be fooled, our pond is kind of frumpy, but the frogs love it and also little boys. Grandsons and nephews love this pond. I always wish for something more elegant, more lovely, so creator has given me this pink water lilly. Gratitude.... yesterday I got to walk a labyrinth at an incredible place in Arkansas called Terra studios. What a magnificent place to visit. John said he just could not stop smiling the whole time we were there. It is outside of Elkin a half hour away from Fayetteville and about an hour and a half from us ( if Luella is driving). Otherwise count on a little more time. As I read about the intention of this particular Labyrinth, gratitude is the goal of the creators. Peace comes from a heart of Gratitude, so as I walked I prayed and let my heart be open to thankfulness. That attitude of gratitude is a wonderful gift. Even as I put in a load of laundry today, mindlessly, I thought back to when my kids were young and I would lug them and a ton of laundry to the laundromat, scrounging up quarters to wash, chase, fold, chase, gather, chase. How thankful I am to have a washer and dryer. But strangly even the memory of those hard days are softer and more tender under the umbrella of thankfulness. I didn't realize then how fast life slips by and how the only truly important things are love, family and this moment in time. The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. I will enjoy my washer and dryer today... tomorrow it may be gone. Love you all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Butter Cookies

Still haven't quite figured out this blog thing... so much like life, just when your cruisin along... whoops what was that? I have lost into a black hole several of my blogs, so I just start over.
Here is my third attempt to give you one of my favorite cookie recipes. I make this cookie at Christmas, but whose to say it can't be made today.
The recipe comes from my dear friend Johnice. Her grandmother Ruth, who lived to be 100 years old passed the recipe down the family line and it came to me. So great art, music and cookies are timeless.
Thanks Ruth... thanks Johnice and thanks me!

1#Butter ( yes 1 # butter I said they were yummy didn't I)
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 Egg
4 Cups sifted flour
1 tsp vanilla
Cream butter and sugar-add egg- mix- add vanilla
drop by teaspoon ( heaping) ( don't you love that word heaping) on ungreased cookie sheet
press with fork and add a pecan to center of each cookie
Bake 350 for 15 min. When edges are brown cookies are done, so watch them sometimes they are finished in 10 or 12 min.
Eat, share, love

Butter Cookies

Monday, March 22, 2010

Food Wars

I have been determined to keep my blog positive, and so as difficult as it may be some days, I will continue in that vein. I watched Jamie Oliver on TV last night. What a courageous person, taking on the one issue people think they control, "their diet". Good luck Jamie, I commend you! With compassion and love, the war against obesity and junk food will need an army of supporters. This is a civil rights and poverty issue. The poor have long had to sustain on cheap, over-processed foods. The indigenous people in this country were very strong and healthy before government subsidized foods. Now diabetes and obesity are the norm in those cultures. Well thank you Uncle Sam, because you are feeding our public school children the same crappy cheap food that will ultimately kill them. Parents, make your child food to take to school, don't let them eat that garbage that they are given. We can win this fight also, one person at at time, one conscious decision to care. What does this all have to do with the picture I posted. Nothing, I just like this picture. And by the way remember to say thank you to a vegetable today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

star people

The Lakota believe that the people come from the stars.. this seems likely to me from what I see in the sky at night. I see the pathway to the Spirit world, so if we return that way, why not also come from that place? Stars, like people, are each unique. They are full of light and diversity. How boring things would be if we were all the same. If only we could fully realize the beauty of our differences, perhaps peace would prevail. In life, and in love, comes conflict. Through the conflict we grow and become strong. We become real people with real courage and vision. Without the darkness we would not know the light, without tragedy we would not know hope. I so love the night sky and the incredible amount of stars. This is the reason I love living outside of the city in the mountains. When I look up into the sky on a warm summer night I feel as if I am in the womb of the universe, experiencing the oneness of a total design of pure beauty. It is truly a mystery, and though I may not understand all the implications, I am aware that I am a unique piece of the great design.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

lunch guests

I like authentic people. People who are real and have a sense of lightness about themselves. I posed this question to myself. If you could have three people, any three people over for lunch who would they be? I knew immediately who the first person would be... Michelle Obama. I first found I really liked her when I saw her on a cooking show. She was making fried shrimp with Paula Deen I think. Anyway, I watched her interact and was delighted at the way she devoured the shrimp. No pretense, just honestly enjoying the food and company. She chowed down that shrimp as if she was truly enjoying it. At the inaugural ball I thought she was stunning in her white dress.. pure class, beautiful. When she began growing a garden at the White House and promoting home grown organic food... I'm like, you go girl, you are awesome! And now she is taking on obesity in children, this is a huge health issue (no pun intended). I think Michelle and I could talk for hours, so she is the first one on my list. Second, I had to think of someone who makes me laugh. Nobody makes me laugh more than John, but I can have lunch with him any day. My next guest would have to be Will Ferrell. I definitely would let him say grace. He would be quite interesting, he is a family man and authentic. I hope he would be as funny in person as he is in films. For my third guest, I would want them to be highly intelligent and articulate and artistic as well......so ok Bono, that is it, I am sitting around the table with Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and Bono. I bet we could find a way to bring about world peace or at least solve the New York times crossword puzzle together. Wonder what I should fix for lunch. I am thinking probably taco soup would be good and for dessert, cupcakes sprinkled with happy sugar. What could be more authentic then that.... so who would you want for lunch guests?

Friday, March 19, 2010

sunny day

We have a sunny day today! Hurrah! They say it could snow tomorrow ( who cares what they say)
When John and I first started on this journey of Circle Studios, we met a man who calls himself "the peddler of encouragement" what a great title. I have never forgotten that man... although I forgotten tons along the way, who have been peddlers of discouragement. When I was a little girl I absolutely loved PollyAnna. Most of you may not know who that is. She was a little girl who believed in goodness. Tough route to believe in goodness. The older you get, the more you see and experience of the contrary. ( who cares what you see). Faith is the substance of what we don't see with our eyes. I think I will choose that. Because it is a chose you know....positive or negative.... it is your choice. so.... some very profound wisdom..........Don't worry be happy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Down the rabbit hole

I am so excited today to share this blog. Yesterday John and I went to see Alice in Wonderland. WOW!!!!! I can be quite a movie critic. Takes a lot to get a capital wow from me.
Movies like Dead Poet Society, A Beautiful Mind, Australia, August Rush and now add Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp gave an incredible performance, Alice and the red queen were awesome. The frog who stole the Queens tart should win a oscar for best supporting role. We weren't five minutes into the movie, before Alice went down the rabbit hole, when I leaned into John and said " I really like this movie". It is about becoming your own champion. It is about going it alone full steam, with conviction and belief. Not an easy task, actually an impossible task. But since I have not had breakfast yet today, I will contemplate 6 impossibilities before my morning coffee and tarts. Down the rabbit hole....magic

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Eyes

All I need to know about Ireland or St. Patrick, I see in the eyes and smile of Seamus Bryne. Any of you who know Seamus can attest to the Irish heart that lives in his soul.
I must have added at least 10 years to my life span just in the lilting laughter I have shared with Seamus. Finally after almost ten years and over a dozen visits from Brother Seamus to the US, we travel to Ireland this year. As I pour thru books and travel guides and websites looking for the hidden treasure, I realize, I have already found it. I have traveled to Ireland many times, I know the green lush soil, the music and good humor. I know the sustaining faith and committment to God. I feel the pain and the glory in every note of "Healing flute music" and I have been on a trip with St. Patrick himself in the music of "Patrick Land" In the US, this day is a day of wearing green, getting pinched and green beer. That is all good and fun, but what Patrick brought to Ireland was the mending of the Sacred Hoop. Love could not keep him away. He was in love with the Irish hillsides, the Irish people and culture. He came to give and to take nothing. He came not to destroy any belief but to enhance it with love and hope. That is what mending the sacred hoop is all about. It is about loving each other and sharing more hope, more spirit and more lilting laughter!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My life it don't count for nothing, I look at this world and I feel so small .... Iris Dement

These are words from my favorite song ever "my life". I have quoted from it on other blog entries.
How small are these water lillies and yet they can bring an awesome moment of joy to some. Which is all we can expect to do in our lives... bring some small joy into the world. These water lillies are made of the same substance as we are...earth, fire, water and wind. Their are so many profound lessons in these simple flowers, not one of us can comprehend the complexity. My life is tangled in wishes, so many things that just never turned out right.... Iris again.
It is ok, that is the way of it, accept the beauty and the ugly in your life, it is cool to not be perfect, it is cool to just be you. Acceptance is an awesome gift you can give yourself. Look for the beauty and you will find it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the sweetest word

I told you all previously that I am crazy about my grandsons. Well I am. I tease that I have a favorite one, but the truth is my favorite one is the one I am thinking of at the moment. This time is is Damien. Damien is likely to become president in the year 2054 or he may find a cure for cancer in the year 2049. Perhaps he will write books or maybe he will teach or maybe he will wait tables or drive a truck. Whatever he does he will be passionate about it, because he is a passionate kind of guy. I have a great full life, with tons of excitement, friends and purpose... but the downside is that my grandkids live far away from me and I may get to see them once or twice a year. I hate this about my life and I try not to think about it cause it just makes me sad and can bring a tear. Rather, I want to see how blessed I am for that time I have with them. When I look at these faces, Dominick, Damien, Jonathan or Madden I am delighted, lifted to another world....Grandma world. And when they call my name Grandma, I am honored beyond belief ( better than winning a nobel prize) I believe Grandma is the sweetest word. I know a few of you grandmas who know exactly what I mean. To hold a tiny hand and to look into the eyes of heaven, that is when we know what we have been given. The fruit of our labor is so sweet!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music is the spirit's food

Ever see the movie August Rush? I totally love that movie. Music is one of my passions. I remember sneaking into my brother's room as a little girl to listen to the record player. Almost every cent of my baby sitting money went to buying a new45 single. When I graduated from high school I got my first record player. I shut the door to my room, shut out everyone and played my records. Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Young and Young. I loved Neil Young. But I loved Pink Floyd and the Who and earlier it was the Beatles. George Harrison was my Beatle. Every young girl had to have a Beatle, most girls chose Paul McCartney because he was the cutest, but not me I wanted to be different. Music is strong medicine... it comforted me and protected me from the craziness of what was going on around me. This was the time of the Hippies and the anti-war movement. It was a time of community and involvement. Music was real and meant something. Woodstock and Hair, music was not separate from us. It was our spirit food. And so, born and nourished of that era, music continues to be my spirit food. My record player long gone, my ipod plugged in, I dance sometimes to the rhythm of a pow-wow drum and sometimes to The Ting Tings. I meditate to the music of John Two-Hawks and become empowered by the music of Nancy Cooper Maier. I heal from the Touch the Wind CD and reminisce to Smokey Robinson. There is so much more I can say about music. How Civil Rights was won through Motown and how music can stir Alzheimer's patient's memories.
There is music in the sound of water, in the flight of birds and even the plants sing songs.
Pick up a copy of August Rush and watch it, trust me you will love it.
Dance to the music, it is all around you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

chicken soup for the body

We've had a rough winter actually a rough year. I know that many people have. After almost three months of fighting colds and looking forward to being well, I was hit with a doozie 2 days ago. Mom had been home sick for over a week. But she is always more concerned with others than herself. Last night lying in bed craving Lipton Chicken soup, I called her and we were both talking, coughing, talking, sneezing. Not a pretty picture. She suggested maybe John go to the store and get me some soup. I told her no, he is just getting over a bad sinus infection. A cup of tea and some toast will be fine. About 20 min. later the phone rings. Its, mom " I will be there in 8 min. ( and when she says 8 min. she means 6 min.) with some warm chicken noodle soup. I couldn't believe it, she had gotten out of her chair feeling lousy to make chicken soup for me. I am still amazed. And that broth and ramen noodles was better than a filet mignon. Love poured into my body and healing to my soul. I have been truly blessed and I know it! Now I am sure that if the world had even half of my mom's generous nature, there would be no war, no hunger, no lonliness. She is my hero and the chicken soup for my soul.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Being under the weather today and actually feeling really pukey, I found this picture I took last summer and needed some healing thoughts.
Beauty surrounds us, even when we are lying in bed sneezing, freezing, achey. I didn't want to pass up a day with my blog. Writing too, for me is a healer and I find tremendous beauty in words. I recall a time in my life, when I was broke, going thru a divorce and just healing after cancer surgery. I had to go back to work even though the doctor said no. I had to make a living and pay bills. I had been thru the ringer and didn't have much to smile about. As I walked home from work (car was in the shop). I suddenly came upon one lone flower and I stopped. That flower healed me in some way, because I was able to see that beauty was still present. I had lost the beauty in my life. That was a turning point for me and a call to be aware of the beauty that surrounds me. So today I choose to see.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

true strength

There is nothing stronger than true gentleness. Today I want to write a few words about John Two-Hawks. You all know his incredible music and many of you know the profound depth of his teaching and writing. Knowing John on a day to day, moment to moment basis, I get to experience the steadfastness of his character. I see how he treats the Elders with such dignity and respect. I see how he reaches to the children with quiet playfullness. I am continually amazed by his patience and good humor. I know many times when he has been not feeling well he puts it aside and goes to the place where he puts others first. No pretend with this guy, it is the real thing. He has the strength of the Thunder Beings born out of tremendous tragic storms. Words really don't touch the pureness of his love or the steadfastness of his committment to the Mending of the Sacred Hoop. He cares deeply about the whole circle, from the spider to the falling stars, he works continually to educate and inspire people to care about Mother Earth and to walk softly and respectfully with all. Please take some time to pray for John and to reach out to him with good thoughts, intentions and words of encouragement.
There is nothing stronger in this world than true gentleness!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Simon!

Today is Simon's birthday. I made cupcakes and have a group of people coming over for a celebration this evening. Simon is a special person and an incredible musician and songwriter. Simon is John's and my little brother and Poco's son. Which brings me to the point of my blog - family. We have a huge family. We have family all over the world. Morten in Norway, Seamus in Ireland Tuomas in Finland, Benedicte in the Alps, David in the Virgin Islands and on and on. In the USA our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters live from one coast to the other. I can't possibly make cupcakes for all my loved ones, but I can pray for them and reach out in love each opportunity that I get. I also have a wonderful blood family. I am super proud of them - best mom in the world, 2 sweet brothers, 2 fiery sisters, wonderful nieces and nephews, 3 children, 1 great son-in law and 4 grandsons. When I hear a little voice on my answering machine saying "hi grandma, this is jonathan, call me back, I love you", I am slain. That voice can bring me out of the loneliest, darkest place into the happiest sun-shining spot you can imagine. You grandmas know this place. If a little voice can effect a life in such a dramatic way, just think about what each one of us can do... with pure love.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have determined that my personality is like that of a sparkler, and John's is more like a pilot light. He is steady and always there to start a fire.
I am more like fireworks or a sparkler. I ideate quickly and brilliantly and then burn out suddenly. That is why John can sit in the moment for hours and listen and share with someone. I can last about 5 min. max. It is interesting how we are all so individual. I love that fact. It does not mean one person is better than another, it just means we have different tasks to perform. A sparkler would not be good for lighting a furnace. And would you use a pilot light for a fireworks display? There are certainly disadvantages to being a sparkler... ever been burned by one? Tolerance means we accept each others gifts and flaws. We not only need to tolerate, but to celebrate each others uniqueness. How genius to have created such diversity! Soon the red buds and dogwoods will bloom, they are completely different but are magnificent together... but more on that later. Today, find the beauty in who you are because you are wonderfully made and the world needs you! Go play, have fun and be creative.... recipe for a cheap thrill today,
go buy some bubbles and a large bubble wand (you don't need a child to do this with, you have one already right within you) and go make some magic!

Monday, March 8, 2010

one light

Candles are a beautiful thing. One simple light in a dark room can bring a myriad of feelings. I believe that our purpose, destination in this world is to be one single flame. We are unique and varied in our existence, but completely similar in our design. I accept that without the darkness, our light will not be totally revealed. It is similar to the violent storms of the west. We become rooted and purged by the thunder beings. Dark has its place, mystery has its root in our soul. The breath of the Creator is the wind that sustains us. There is nothing more comforting then a small light when we have lost our way.
"I can give comfort to my friends when they are hurting, I can make it seems better for awhile"

Iris Dement

Happy Sugar

I have determined that we have had enough bad news. I may cancel my paper, but I am kind of addicted to it, like my morning coffee. I like the crossword puzzles and the coupons and the way the paper smells and feels and sounds as I turn the pages. I am a senses type of girl. I will probably not read books on an i-pad. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I love looking up from my computer at my book cases and seeing all the wonderful books that have helped me and molded me in some way into who I am. I love books! I know many of you do also. I am so hopeful that new generations will love books also. But what I really wanted to write about this morning is happy sugar. I thought about this yesterday when my mom offered John a bowl of cereal she called happy flakes (I think she meant frosted flakes) but we knew exactly what she meant. Several years ago John and I stayed in Hannibal Mo. at a great Bed and Breakfast Inn call the Garth Mansion. When we woke up and went into the dining area for breakfast (which was absolutely incredible), I poured my coffee, added the cream and when I went to put in the sugar, I was hit with one of the most profound moments of my life... "happy sugar". Mixed within the white sparkling sugar were little colorful tiny round balls of color. The spring colors of Rainbow Non Pareil sprinkles were prominent within the sugar. How creative, how artistic, how inviting! Like sprinkles on an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, with pigtails and love. I vowed to return home and make happy sugar of my own. I vowed to be an ambassador of happy sugar. For that entire spring I espoused the healing aspects of little sugar balls of color. This is a recipe even the most fearful, inept cook can conquer!
Happy Sugar
1 cup of white cane sugar
1TB or more of Non Pareil (or any other colored sugar sprinkles you may have)
mix well... change colors for the season
this mixture will melt in your coffee or on your tongue.... Have Fun! Life is Sweet!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the world it's saddest sound

I am crazy about music! My mind thinks in lyrics and my feet walk in rhyme.
Simon and Garfunkel have a line in a song. A man gets tied up to the ground, he gives the world it's saddest sound. Tied up to the ground means to bury our dreams, to refuse to take risks and to fly.
What ties us there.... habits, fears, laziness, lack of vision, past failure and on and on.
What releases us often times is tragedy and loss, sometimes it is a death experience or the deep sense of our mortality. Our greatest strengths are our greatest weakness. Also, our greatest losses can become our greatest gains. One gain I received from losing my father (I was and am still his biggest fan) at such an early age, 12 years old, was that I lost the sense of security. Actually, I lost the illusion of security and became very aware of death and how suddenly it can rock your world. The gift in that is that my attitude changed toward playing it safe. Now this has not always been a good thing in my life, but it has given me the opportunity to fly. The opportunity to let go of the chains that perhaps could have bound me and tied me to the safe road. The people that I am often most attracted to are those musicians, poets, misfits and dreamers who somehow have the consciousness to be aware of the folly of the flesh. Life is tough and it hurts and has pain. You are not going to avoid that fact, so go for it anyway..... as my second Father always said to me "get out of your comfort zone and GO FOR IT!" FLY!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hard times

ok... I am hearing from people all the time, they are out of work, can't pay the bills. I am reading in the paper that the economy is getting better. Confusing messages right?
I remember growing up in the 60s. I never remember our economy being very good. Seems there was always a struggle to pay the bills. Dad worked two jobs back then and mom worked one job. We kids all had jobs too by the time we were teenagers. Then in 1967 dad died, the economy for us got pretty difficult after that. We always had a roof over our head and plenty to eat, though. I don't really remember a time when things were easy, when there was an abundance of money. So the recession just seems like kind of the way things are to me. I still have always had a roof over my head and plenty to eat (probably too much). Anyway, when I see the people in Haiti or other places around the world where there is no roof over their heads and food on the table then I think..that is hard times. I am not unsympathetic to those out of work and especially those losing their jobs with families to support. I pray for them and hope that our greedy political and economic systems can become more honorable. Give people a fair wage and the right to be able to afford a doctor when they really need one. It is so much a matter of perspective. There are those that have more and those that have less. My childhood was so rich with family and friends....with playtime and work time, it never really accured to me that we were lacking anything. So let's try to fill the world with love and with purpose and with hope and dreams.
Give to those in need and expect to receive when we need something. Because if you are looking in the newspaper or at the Capitol for some relief or answers, you are gonna be disappointed.
Look to yourself, use the creativity and energy that you have and make the world a richer place, one smile at a time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

red is the color of love

From birds to strawberries , red is the color of love. Red is awesome! The cardinal is my favorite bird and the strawberry is my favorite fruit.... guess what my favorite color is... you guessed it, RED.. you are so clever! How did you know?
John once did progams with another American Indian friend and at the end of each program this gentlemen would pull out a quart of strawberries and give each child one. He would tell them that when Creator was finished creating the whole world, he created the strawberry, with no other reason then to let the created know love. Now think of the last time you bit in to a truly ripe luscious strawberry... can you feel the love?
Well, we are a few months away from this taste, but I am sending along a recipe to get you ready for the real thing.
Yummy Yummy!!
15 oz frozen strawberries, thawed with juice 3 oz powdered sugar
15 oz. sour cream 1/2 oz grenadine syrup
1 oz. vanilla extract 2 oz half and half
Mix strawberries and sour cream. Beat slowly until well mixed. Add grenadine, vanilla and sugar while mixing until smooth consistency. Add half and half last mixing only until well blended. chill and serve. Shake well before serving. Serves 6 (or 1 in need of much love)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my bird friends

I have a routine each morning that I am at home, off the road. Morning is my favorite time of the day.
I wake up and check my e-mail... then to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee which I enjoy with a English muffin with peanut butter. I put my feet up and begin to watch the birds. I can see how their colors change thru the season. I can see how they share, or don't share the space.
One thing I particularly love, the pileated woodpeckers who come and who are redecorating my deck. I consider that it will take them about 20 years to destroy the deck completely and it probably would have fallen apart in 21 years without their help, so I just let them create the circular ridges up and down the bannisters. But what is very cool is how they eat the suet.
I have a simple square suet feeder up close to the window. They will eat from the center of the suet, forming a perfect circle in the center and then eat out from there, like it were a tree.
And since circles form much of our spirit belief, I get so excited to see that even when they eat, they are eating from the perspective of circle. I don't know much about birds, I just love them.
We have two hawks who circle above our deck at about 10:00am each morning. We have at least 10 different types of birds that come to feed each day and at one time I can have over 50 birds on the deck. I have never bought curtains for the huge windows overlooking the valley. I know that many of you have the same love for birds that I have. Oh and the crows, I always have fed them left overs, but one morning a couple of years ago they had a true feast. We were traveling to Grandpa Bob's house and I made 2 pans of lasagna to take along for us to eat. I decided that there was not much room in the refrigerator so I put them out on the deck. I put one pan in the grill and covered it. The other pan I put on the side of the grill and covered it with a heavy lid. I went back into my office to write. An hour later I heard quite a commotion and went out to check where the noise was coming from, since you don't hear much in the middle of these mountains. I came around the corner and saw about half a dozen crows take off... those suckers had eaten my whole pan of lasagna. Good thing I had one left. They were kind of mad at me after that because bread crumbs just aren't the same as lasagna. Needless to say, the word is out in the crow world that 200 Medicine Way has great appetizers. I suppose I love those birds so much because I am present in those moments that I am sharing with them. We are one in this universe and as we love to provide for them, Creator God loves to provide for us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Even when we stumble, even when we fall, even then there is light around it all!"
words from Nancy Cooper Maier.
Today, March 2nd 2010, I am thinking about mis-takes.
I have made my share and I know why. Even with this blog thing, I just jumped in with both feet, clothes on and nose plugged. Then I learn as I go.... should have, how to, shouldn't have, try this, try that.
So bare with me, this is the way I roll. It drives my husband absolutely crazy. (Sorry)
I must have been born this way because it is the only way I remember I have ever been. The results have been a life full of adventure and learning. You see, we mostly learn from our mistakes. You would think I would be a genius by now, but if I am you would never know it because you would probably just see my errors.
I am making light of this (also my way), but this light that illuminates our frailty is an important light to keep turned on. Next to my bed on my light on the night stand is a little sign that says
"Always make new mistakes".... Not the same mistakes - that would be stupid - but new mistakes means taking new steps, taking a new path accepting a new adventure, being alive, taking risks. The more fully you live, the more new mistakes you will make. Playing it safe is not really safe. How about risking it all for love! Why do you think they call it falling in love? They might as well call it stumbling in love (lots of mistakes to be made here).
Humility is born of being able to be wrong...... being wrong is cool.
What is cool is being ok with yourself when you are wrong, and even better, being ok with others, because we are all just human. Sounds like acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness... that is for another day.
Go out and play today and try to make some new mistakes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


REPOST of First blog on 2-27-10

I am reposting this because people were having problems reading it.

Welcome to the birth of my blog! 6 lbs, 3 oz, right on time..born Feb 27th 2010.
I will call this new creation "Wings". Thirty-some years ago, before the birth of my first son, I would have nightmares that I would forget to feed him, or leave him in the stroller on some forgotten street.
I had quite a few of those dreams. So, for some, motherhood is born of fear and unknowing. Thirty-some years later, with more children and now grandchildren, I now understand those dreams. They say that when you dream about babies, these dreams are powerful, creative dreams that launch new ideas and products and plans. I've had plenty of dreams.
So here is my new baby, "Wings". I hope you enjoy the thoughts, poems, emotions, triumphs and failures in this, my new endeavor.
A book will also be born of these entries... but more on that later.
To all you mothers... Mothering takes wings of steel. You are heroes and martyrs. Each day brings more burdens of joy, more swelling of pride, more heartache inside. Give yourself a pat on the back, if you can reach your back, otherwise, just grab a snickers!
Thanks Cynthia for the push!


I was thinking about play. As a child that was my number one preoccupation.
Can I go out and play? When can I play? Do you want to play?
I really feel sorry for kids today. I really do. I have never seen a video game that could match the fun and laughter of a game of four square, roller skates, kick ball or actually making up a game.
I am not who I am today because of what I learned in school but because of what I learned playing.
In the late 50s when I was a young child, I don't remember any kids on ritalin in those days. We were probably all hyper... but we got tired when we played. Obesity, what was that? We burned off more calories then we could take in. Our diets were not all that good, we were naturally balanced. I went to school for 2 reasons: one, my parents made me, and two, for recess. Eventually there were three reasons once I hit puberty. Anyway, playing... I still like to play. Maybe I would have more money in the bank, a larger retirement and be a more responsible person if I didn't like to play so much. Or maybe not.
I was wondering about the sales of bouncing balls. I wouldn't put my investments in those today, but as a child everytime I went with my mom to the store I would beg for some new kick ball or volleyball to play with. I could stand on the church parking lot for 3 hours either throwing a ball into the air or throwing it against a wall. Math, critical thinking, balance, physics, perseverance, imagination, all developed in those parking lot universities. Maybe the good ole days actually were the good ole days. Anyway, for all you grandparents out there who remember, instead of a video game for birthdays and Christmas, how about buying those kids a real toy... a bouncing ball.

Monday, March 1, 2010


You will find my thoughts and passions are eclectic. Back to dreams later, this morning I am thinking about food. If you will afford me my rambles you will be rewarded with a wonderful recipe at the end of the blog... so...
I grew up in a culture of food. Mom was a great cook and still is. When I think of my most fond memory as a child, it will include vividly, trips to Miami Street Bakery for a chocolate covered donut, which I would take to morning mass with me before school and secretly lick off the chocolate icing when Sister Theresa's attention was focused on scolding another child. My rationalization for this sin was that certainly Jesus would want a taste. Yes, the remainder of the chocolate donut would get scarfed down with the cold sweet carton of chocolate milk at my desk before the bell would ring. After that bell I have no memory.
But I also remember mom making home made french fries and also spaghetti and meatballs, family and friends always around the table. A fall or some other tragedy would usually warrant a cookie or ice cream. So I understand emotional eating (whats the big deal). A cookie and a tear tastes very good together. My mom makes mashed potatoes to die for. I really think this has been the secret of my long term happy marriage to John. Her secret: probably the pound of butter and cream she uses, but that won't hurt you because I am convinced that a plate of love will balance out a multitude of calories. Love is the key. So find someone who loves you and let them cook for you, or better yet, how about you cook for someone you love.
This is one of Tony's favorite recipes... it is easy and yummy.
Let me know how you like it...

Italian Noodle Casserole
1 80z skinny egg noodles (the only skinny thing about this recipe)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 1/2 pound lean ground beef
1TBsp butter
3 (8oz) cans tomatoe sauce
salt and pepper to taste
1Tbsp sugar
1 cup cottage cheese, 1 (80z) pkg cream cheese, 1/4 c sour cream
1/3 cup chopped onion, 1/4 cup chopped greem pepper
1 cup cheddar cheese
Cook noodles according to package directions, Brown ground beef and garlic in butter.
Add tomato sauce, salt and pepper and sugar. Blend cheeses (not cheddar) and add sour cream, onion and green pepper. In a greased 9x13 inch dish, put half of cooked noodles, then a layer of the cheese mixture and rest of noodles. Cover with the ground beef mixture and top with the Cheddar Cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 min. Serves 8... (yeah right) ENJOY!