"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I have chosen to use no picture because my subject matter is so important. Kindness!
I remember some things my dad taught me before he died. I was 12 years old when he passed away and I don't remember much of those early years but I remember this.
Dad would say "if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all" Profound wisdom in that saying, he meant don't hurt other peoples feelings. He meant other people count. He meant have compassion and wisdom. He once said " I was feeling sorry for myself when I had no pair of new shoes, until I saw a man with no feet". There were many more saying that would be so foreign to our modern day society about what matters and how to treat one another. But it all boils down to Kindness. Being kind does not mean you have no backbone, being kind to yourself is as equally important as being kind to others. And let us not forget being kind to the earth, the four legged, the plants and all of creation. I am sure that everyone who reads this blog has been hurt by the unkind and unthoughtful words of another. When I was a little girl, I made fun of a boy at my school, I have always felt bad about that, even after 40 years, As an adult I see the scars from childhood that people carry. Remember I told you in the past, my name could have been Polyanna. This is not fake, this is just me... I care... guess my daddy taught me that. BE KIND

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother Earth thank you

good morning mother, they choose this day to honor you, however you honor us everday.
I know my words are far too small to connect to the feeling of gratitude I have inside.
I would have to recall every second of my life and fill each second with beautiful images of you to describe your constant wonder. From the waves of Lake Michigan to the natural beauty of the Ozarks. I recall the simple yellow rose that lifted my spirit when my life fell apart. The rainbow across More Mountain when my hope was gone. The strength of the ocean, the whisper of the wind, the taste of a juicy blueberry fresh off the grove. Strawberries love, watermelon magic, gentle rain forgiveness, sunshine fun, and on and on. there really is no way to say thanks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

worth the sadness

I have lived a year of my life without my biggest fan. Without the one who told me "go for it" and "step out of your comfort zone". To Father Bob I was always 10 years old and he never quit delighting in my inner child. No one else has laughed as loud and as long at my jokes. Not having heard that laughter in my physical ears this year has given me an ear ache. Not having his huge bear hugs has given me a heartache. Tomorrow will be one year since his passing. There is still a big gaping hole in my being... but it is worth the sadness to have loved with such gladness. It is worth the tears and I am thankful for the years. I would not be who I am without
him. I could not write this blog or sing my songs. For 45 years you were my hero here on earth for ever more you will continue to be my angel. I have been blessed to have 2 wonderful dads.
I have certainly learned that love is worth the loss. Tears are worth the laughter and as your legacy goes on and on I realize there is no death.. just a changing of worlds.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

yellow for love

Yellow is spring. It says I am here, not too worry, life continues. Hope is what we all cling to in this sinking ship called life. As the waves threaten to swollow us up, we look for a rescue a life jacket a new morning. Yellow for love.
Flowers, such a marvelous gift from creator.
Happy Earth Day!!
go and play with her.

Monday, April 19, 2010


We just completed the Creative Expressions retreat weekend. It has stirred a longing in my soul for more creativity, more art, more beauty and more love. My Monday morning planning lists are like these steps they give me some boundaries, some direction. I still cannot see what lies beyond my plans. I can dream and fill my life with intention, but what lies at the top of this journey is still a mystery, no matter how well I lay my plans. It seems to me Creators perfect plan to leave the mystery be. To give us an opportunity to grow roots, character and faith by not knowing where our next breath leads. We experience miracles and develop gratitude when we open our hearts to whatever may come. We fly when we risk and we find courage when we cast off fear. The choice is up to us. Stay on the ground in our safe place of quiet desperation or put one foot in front of the other with determination and step up to a higher ground. Comfort zones are really only an illusion. As Iris Dement says "Easy is getting harder every day". A very wise man once told me..." step out of your comfort zone". I have been stepping and sometimes I even get to experience what it means to let my spirit soar. Can't find that feeling on the ground. So I will repeat this treasure of wisdom bestowed upon me and invite you who are reading to step out, look up and dare!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Creative Expressions

This weekend is our Creative Expressions retreat in Eureka Springs AR. So of course my mind is on Creative everything. Creative movement, creative meals, creative thoughts, creative music, creative people. This is one of my favorite retreats because it is like dancing and singing our way into our souls. We have a nice mixture of new retreatants, Circle of Nations members, men, women from across the country. I suspect that I will find some new creative energy which has been lying dormant in my being. Beauty is what I think of when I think of the expressing myself creatively. If I could paint I would have painted the wonderful cover of Beauty Music that Cynthia D'Robbins painted. Inside of each one of us is a ton of hidden talent and belief. Go creative expression hunting and find the hidden treasure in yourself. Life is so fun when you cast off all the negative messages and fear that seems to hold us back from experiencing the total crazy beauty of it all. So fly, sing, create and be!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

heart song

This is LJ... Joe Chamberlains little one. I am crazy about him. He is a ball of creative energy. He loves to throw rocks in my pond (when I am not looking) and after I have asked him ten times not to do it. Why does he do it, I suppose because is it fun... it is a boy thing. I have known LJ since he was only a few days old. He is my little buddy. I fed him him strawberry pie when he didn't even have teeth. This is probably the reason he likes me. Anyway last time LJ came to visit me, along with his insane energy and undaunting irreverence, he shared an incredible gift with me. He shared his heart song. Now I am more in love with him then ever. LJ has been raised very traditionally. He has a community of Indian folks that love and support him. He has a grandfather that is teaching him the important lessons in life. From this teaching springs freedom, creativity and a heart song. LJ will sing you his heart song if it comes out of him while you are present. It is a beautiful old Indian vocable that comes straight from his heart. We all have a heart song, but maybe it has been squashed by critical words or empty ears. I know LJ will start school soon. I worry for him that his heart song will be burried among the ruins of conformity and rigidity. But I know I will never forget the tenderness and ancient wisdom I heard in his voice as he sang his heart song... so it will forever live in my soul. It is causing me to try to remember my heart song and to sing it once again if only for my own ears... today, find your song and sing it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Having Fun

I am sitting in Chattanooga Tenn. I love this town. Since we arrived on Wed, we have just been having a great time. The first day here we discovered some of the wonderful art on the River and in the art galleries..wow wow wow! I am in my element. Good food, great art, wonderful music and beautiful friends. This combo does not always come together. So, picture me smiling! John plays with the Symphony tonight. Watched rehearsal last night and was just filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share this spirit filled flute music with other incredible musicians. Now I have a myriad of new experiences to write about. But I will sign off for now, so I can go explore some more. Word for today.... Have fun!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

take time to feel

Ever feel sad? I do quite often. This blog is probably meant more for women than men. But you guys who read may learn something about women. We are feeling creatures. We are connected creatures. John always teaches that men are like TV dinners and women like beef stew. Men are compartmentalized.. but women are swimming around touching and feeling everything. Nancy Cooper Maier wrote a song about taking the time to feel, whether happy or sad. So today I am going to take her advice and feel this sadness. Is there a reason... half the time for women we don't need a reason. We can blame it on hormones. But I have a few reasons for being sad and I don't need an excuse to feel this way. Crying is good. Sometimes I can't seem to bring on the tears and sometimes I can't stop them. This is a normal reaction to life. Usually as women if we can't get in touch with our emotions it is because someone, somewhere lied to us....Big girls Do Cry! Hey, even Big boys Do Cry! As it is with laughter, tears prolong and enrich our lives. When I am finished being sad... I shall be equally as happy... so let the sadness begin. Women, we are marvelous creatures!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

tipi time

When we officially feel that winter is behind us we put up our tipi. So now is the time and I am truly looking forward to seeing the lodge on our property. It gives me a feeling of my connection to the earth and to my life. We have had a tipi for over 15 years. We have been thru three different ones during that time and this is the 4th season for this one. It is getting weathered and some of the incredible painting is getting a little less vibrant, like our lives. The door flap finally met its end last summer during a violent wind storm, it was almost 10 years old. So we will need to get a new door flap made. The tipi tells a story and like our bodies houses a spirit. The spirit is part of this Turtle Island and part of my husband's ancestry. I realize most indigenous people on this continent did not live in tipis but that doesn't change the magic for me. The story on the outside of our tipi tells of connection, rebirth, family, visions and a trail of one man as well as many people who came before and will come after. Many hands went into painting this tipi and many hearts have quietly sat inside watching as small flames glow, listening to flute and family stories. It is so absolutely contrary to the modern world of computers, cell phones, video games, distractions, lists, things to do and processed living. It is truly an organic experience, so as I drive up to my big square house past the tipi, my priorities must become rearranged. Like driving past a farmers market when you pull into McDonalds, you are made aware that your body needs healthy organic food. Your spirit needs healthy organic food also. If you don't have a tipi... then take a walk and smell the roses!

Friday, April 2, 2010

blue mountains

After reading Cynthia's blog 'Meandering Thoughts' great blog spot by the way, I began to think of colors. I don't dream in color, neither do I experience the colors people talk about in massage, energy work or at ceremonies. Just not my gift and actually, since I am not a visual artist, why should it be? Cynthia is an incredible gourd artist, painter, jewelry maker, flute player, you name it. I am a creator of dreams. I see potential in artists, in business people and in marketing. So I dream in creative chaos. We are not all the same and so I don't need to lament that I don't dream or see colors like Cynthia does. I am just happy that she does, that is her way of touching beyond her finite self. She has been built that way. I am built differently and I am just so happy to know my purpose and to be living out my vision. Each one of us is given gifts.... throughout our lives contraries try to diminish those gifts and cloud them from our view. Find what you love and do it... therein lies your gifts and your path. Doesn't matter if you dream in color or in black and white......you are a creative force.