"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am inspired by real people
Once while sitting at Nancy Cooper Maier's house, I was so inspired I came home and wrote
five poems.
I am inspired by humble people
after spending time with my friend Seamus, I must get down off my high horse and even
consider the possibility that I may be wrong
I am inspired by loving people
sit and talk with John Two-Hawks for awhile and I find it hard to wish ill on
my enemies...even the real nasty ones
I am inspired by artistic people
I look around at the young people at Nightwish concerts and I strive to find words
as eloquent as Tuomas writes
I am inspired by brave people
my sister Sue, who gave up a successful career to give full love and attention to her
three grandchildren, who really have nothing to give back
I am inspired by so so many people
these spirits that surround us are our teachers and our guides
I thank you all so much!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magnificent Artist

Sitting inside a cold square room in front of a sterile dell. I am looking at a pic I took several years ago and marveling at the wonder of the artist...not exquisite photo...the artist. The constant blue sky, the song of the cedar tree and the magnificent touch of the rainbow sun. There would be no picture for me to take, no breath for me to breath without the Hand of the Almighty Creator. I feel sometimes so disconnected. Do you? I think we are living in a time of disconnect.
Text messages, facebook, cell phones, computers, distant families and this wonderful world of technology.......has disconnected us from intimacy, from true friendship and true communication. Why, the more friends you have on facebook, the lonelier you feel. I always thought a friend was someone I could borrow a cup of sugar from. Someone I could laugh with and cry with. As I read the great jokes online, I laugh alone. As I send out prayer requests I cry alone. We have in some ways created a prison for ourselves and become way too self possessed. I wonder will we gain back a true community. Will we see a world again as simple and as beautiful as it was created to be. I watch teenagers in a group, they are texting. They are not even looking each other in the eyes, reaching beyond the superficial into the spirit. A text will never be a hug. A playstation will never be a game of kickball with friends. A new cell phone will never be a cheer of encouragement from your mom and dad. Things are not love. And typed words are not heart songs. Connect to the artist and the art will fill your soul!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cleaning and dreaming

Hello 2011 you wonderful opportunity. I have finally begun to tackle my office. Papers from the last 6 years. John is on his way to the recycle center with two huge garbage cans full of old papers. I was prompted on New Years Eve day to take on this mess when LJ ( my little 5 year old friend) asked Uncle John, why this room so junky?...John promptly sent him to me and when I told him I was going to sort the papers, He said"why you not throw them away"? Hmmmm, I never thought of that. So on with the mission to get organized. It can happen you know ( I see that smerk of doubt on your lips sister Suzie) It will happen and it must happen. My dream is to afford myself more time for poetry and photography. Perhaps, I will actually some day be able to find a piece of paper I am looking for without begging poor St. Anthony for one more favor. Not that I don't have a ton of other prayer request for my most favorite St. But hey why should he always clean up my mess, when some things I can handle. And after all that shall be the biggest miracle of all....me surrounded by only clean organized space! It can be done, it must be done! Try to stop me......no crossword puzzle..not now...solitaire..no no ...later. Well of course there is always tomorrow NO NO NO!!
Lead us not into temptation. Tune in to the next blog, when my office will be completely organized. Till then I am cleaning and dreaming