"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


John and I are both kind of Christmas Crazy. We took down the boxes of Christmas decorations from the attic yesterday, all 10 or 12 huge boxes full. We began to decorate our 12 foot pre-lighted Christmas tree. John on a ladder and me sorting thru a lifetime of memories. It is a three day task to decorate, this is day two. The tree is up and is absolutely beautiful. Dragonflies, birds, and shiny things fill up every spot of that enormous tree and it reminds me of our lives. So full, so many memories, friends, family and such good stuff. John loves Christmas, probably because as a child it is his one fond memory. Christmas was a good day sandwiched in the middle of 364 not so good days. For me this is true also. Christmas meant mom and dad, siblings, aunts and uncles and I was only able to spend 12 years that way. So for the past 40 some years I have been trying to re create those precious moments, unsuccessfully I might add. But John and I have made our own traditions and Christmas cheer. As I sort thru my treasures I come across the little lighted tree my 12 year old daughter gave to me when my life was falling apart and I can hold her sweet gesture in my heart each year as I look at that tree. The Santa Claus with barking dog my sweet Jonathan David gave to me and the special kindergarten one he made. There is the first Christmas precious moments ornament John and I bought 17 years ago the year we were married. The many dragonflies Sue has given us and on and on. We cherish these items, like we cherish the people who gifted them to us. Most of all let me say I cherish Christmas itself. The humble gift of love. The babe who says to us all "Life is good...death is better". I do not forget amid the hustle and bustle what Christmas means to me. A life of sadness and joy is packed away in those 10 or 12 big boxes and each item I see is another reminder that God loves me and has gifted me with wonderful family and friends. The sadness, oh yes it is part of life, but Christmas is here to shine a light on the gladness. So to my many friends and loved ones - Merry Christmas and most importantly may you experience this Christmas some genuine "Peace on Earth".


  1. Thanks for sharing this :) I won`t take down my boxes until the 23.rd (tradition)

    And yes, let us all hopefully experience some genuine "Peace on Earth"


  2. What a beautiful story and such a beautiful picture of you and John.

    Peace on Earth,

  3. Love and Peace......... sending it to you and John this Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about Christmas. Just what I needed to get me in the swing of things!