"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

worth the sadness

I have lived a year of my life without my biggest fan. Without the one who told me "go for it" and "step out of your comfort zone". To Father Bob I was always 10 years old and he never quit delighting in my inner child. No one else has laughed as loud and as long at my jokes. Not having heard that laughter in my physical ears this year has given me an ear ache. Not having his huge bear hugs has given me a heartache. Tomorrow will be one year since his passing. There is still a big gaping hole in my being... but it is worth the sadness to have loved with such gladness. It is worth the tears and I am thankful for the years. I would not be who I am without
him. I could not write this blog or sing my songs. For 45 years you were my hero here on earth for ever more you will continue to be my angel. I have been blessed to have 2 wonderful dads.
I have certainly learned that love is worth the loss. Tears are worth the laughter and as your legacy goes on and on I realize there is no death.. just a changing of worlds.


  1. Loved your writing as usual and have a great day celebrating all the things that of second "daddy" loved. I wish I was there!!!