"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spaced out

Look up! I think we have become a people of downers. We are constantly looking at the immediate problem and missing the awe of the experience. Ever wish upon a star? Well their are plenty to wish upon and the sky is full of mystery and promise. Our dreams are made of such sky beauty. If life is not what you thought it should be or it is not what you want it to be... then take an hour and gaze up at the night sky and ask why? Listen and you will gain a new perspective. Lie down and just feel your connection to the Earth and Sky.... feel the awesome power and your simple connection to it. You matter, your life matters and each breath you take is a sacred journey. You are alive, let that be enough. When I was a child I lived across the street from a large Cathedral. I used to lay on my back on the parking lot at night and just gaze at the stars ( the open air Cathedral). Those moments did more to form who I am then anything else I can remember. I gained perspective, faith, strength and connection through those moments. I gained more than I can say. Life slips by with stuff to do and to do and to do. Take a moment... cause you matter

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  1. I lost my grandmother on my mother's side when I was fairly young, but I have the most precious memory of her. When it would get dark we would make some popcorn, get a blanket and go out and lay on the lawn and gaze at the stars ......... Thanks Peggy