"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

simple pure mystery

Sometimes the world can look a little messy. Sometimes it can be downright ugly. This weekend we celebrate Easter... simple pure mystery.
We celebrate a miracle that takes us from hopelessness to a promise of joy. I love Easter, not as a religious tradition but as an inner conviction of all that I believe in. In light, in mystery, in dogwoods, in the sacred circle, in goodness, in faith and most importantly in LOVE. The example of Jesus, sacrifice for the world, shows us the way to the true blessings of life. It is not an easy road but it is paved with dogwoods and hope. It is a painful and scarred battle to experience true love, but so worth it.
People seem to love the joy part, but you can't have the joy without the pain. I am so grateful for the example and for the Greatest Love of all. Love reigns! Happy Easter! Enjoy some chocolate!

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