"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!

"The Wind of My Soul" by Peggy Hill - Click the Pic!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Even when we stumble, even when we fall, even then there is light around it all!"
words from Nancy Cooper Maier.
Today, March 2nd 2010, I am thinking about mis-takes.
I have made my share and I know why. Even with this blog thing, I just jumped in with both feet, clothes on and nose plugged. Then I learn as I go.... should have, how to, shouldn't have, try this, try that.
So bare with me, this is the way I roll. It drives my husband absolutely crazy. (Sorry)
I must have been born this way because it is the only way I remember I have ever been. The results have been a life full of adventure and learning. You see, we mostly learn from our mistakes. You would think I would be a genius by now, but if I am you would never know it because you would probably just see my errors.
I am making light of this (also my way), but this light that illuminates our frailty is an important light to keep turned on. Next to my bed on my light on the night stand is a little sign that says
"Always make new mistakes".... Not the same mistakes - that would be stupid - but new mistakes means taking new steps, taking a new path accepting a new adventure, being alive, taking risks. The more fully you live, the more new mistakes you will make. Playing it safe is not really safe. How about risking it all for love! Why do you think they call it falling in love? They might as well call it stumbling in love (lots of mistakes to be made here).
Humility is born of being able to be wrong...... being wrong is cool.
What is cool is being ok with yourself when you are wrong, and even better, being ok with others, because we are all just human. Sounds like acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness... that is for another day.
Go out and play today and try to make some new mistakes!


  1. Pilamayaye. Your words are true. I was always told, When you make mistakes, you are learning and you must always learn...Good luck with the blogs, I am enjoying them..Wowahwa

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. :) I'm coming in by way of the newsletter, which I've enjoyed reading for a number of years. Hope you're having fun figuring out all this blogging stuff. ;)

  3. I believe I have told you, one of the smartest men I have ever had the privilege to meet had as his motto in life to make as many mistakes as possible because that is how he learned. When he did everything "right" he never got feedback.